Sekrenyi Festival tour in Nagaland, India

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17 Feb 2018
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Responsible tourism

Responsible tourism: Sekrenyi Festival tour in Nagaland, India


In this tour, we travel to remote destinations of India and use locally run accommodation in all the places we visit.

During our visit to Majuli islands, the largest river island in the world, we stay in traditionally built stilt huts run by locals. There is a problem of water and power supply in these places and clients are therefore duly informed and advised about rationing the use of such essentials. Water is made available in buckets.

The food is prepared using local produce and most of the times these are freshly picked up from the host's own kitchen garden. Not only is it organic but also very authentic.

We also travel to Kaziranga National Park, home to 75% of the world's One Horned Rhino and a safe haven for this endangered animal, where successful conservation efforts have resulted in increase of the Rhino population from a few hundreds to 3500 currently. The proceeds from the entrance fees and elephant and jeep rides undertaken by guests directly contribute to the conservation of the animals in the park.


The Sekrenyi festival takes place in the village of Tuophema, in Nagaland, North East India. The entire community is involved in this festival. You will stay in the traditional Naga huts, a community initiative for the purpose of tourism. There are 12 such huts and each built and looked after by a family from the village. By staying here not only is it an authentic experience and a great way of interacting with the locals, but you will also be directly helping a family, a community.

The entire tour involves many village walks and visits to bazaars where the local craftsmen and weavers sell their products, also it is very common to find people selling few fruits and vegetables, not necessarily on a commercial scale, most of the time these would be the excess fruits and vegetables from their farms and gardens.

Throughout the trip the stay is arranged in locally owned lodges and hotels.

Local guides from the areas we visit are employed.

You will be visiting some very remote and backward areas of the country, where tourism is at its infancy, by visiting these places and meeting the locals not only are you helping the youths that are employed as guides or the craftsmen by purchasing his products but the interaction also leads to rich cultural exchanges and the locals left feeling proud about their indigenous culture, which otherwise is slowly losing its ground especially among the youth.

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