Slovenia ski touring vacation

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Responsible tourism

Responsible tourism: Slovenia ski touring vacation


Snow cannons We are very much against the use of snow cannons or use of machines in the mountains. We generally move only in remote areas with natural snow. In the beginning of the trip we test the group's fitness level and their skiing skills and we do that next to resort, for safety reasons. That is only on the arrival day and day 1.

Wildlife - on this itinerary we move through the mountain region of Slovenian Alps that is home to more than 7.000 species. It is the home of brown bears, red fox, red deer. On this ski touring trip, the most likely animal to be seen is White Throated Dipper that we sometimes spot at the start of our trips, in the thick pine forests at the base of the mountains.

Waste on our climbs up to the higher mountain ranges we move to wild and pristine environments that are virtually unpolluted and some of the climbs go to National Park and Nature Reserve. We absolutely care to leave zero impact on the environment. Everything that comes up the mountain also comes down to our start point and is disposed of in the appropriate waste disposal systems.

Transport - The motored vehicle is a backbone of this trip, but we ensure that engines we use have Euro 2 standard certificate. On top of this, this particular itinerary strives to minimize the use of ski lifts.


Neighborhood on this trip we stay in different mountain huts to give you as much access to local culture as possible. All the huts are family operated and this enables our guests to meet the locals living in these remote areas and get a feel for the local culture.
By working with local suppliers we ensure that tourism income is spread to as many suppliers as possibly distributing the benefits of the tourism locally.

Traveling with respect - we facilitate a great relationship between tourists and the local community. Ski tourers are welcomed by host families and very often receive a warm welcome and offer of free local produce or seasonal specialty.

Local crafts and culture - food is a big part of this trip. All dishes are local specialties. It is primarily mountain food with local staples such as different meat varieties and a great variety of deserts. All families ensure that dishes in the huts are made using locally sourced ingredients, very often just from the nearby valleys or small towns.

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