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“Discover the beauty of North Dalmatia and Paklenica Nature Park with an exciting week-long multi activity vacation in the Croatian islands.”


SUP, kayak, mountain bike snorkel and hike around Croatian islands | Paklenica Nature Park | Molat | Velebit | Sali | Bonastar Peninsula | Explore hidden coves, shipwrecks, lighthouses and fishing villages

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Responsible tourism

Responsible tourism: Croatia multi activity vacations


Wildlife – on this trip we move through the mountain region of Velebit Mountain. It is the home of bears, foxes, wolves and a number of birds. On most occasions we will see animal tracks and occasionally a fox will venture as low as the mountain hut. We stay within the established trails and minimize impact on wildlife.

Waste – everything we bring to the mountain we take back to the base. All organic waste is used to make compost for the garden that the mountain hut manager keeps in spring and summer months. .

Water – the venue where we stay uses as local creek for water supply. It has no showers and only toilets to minimize waste. We bring a portable shower that we use outside the hut. Mind you, the hut and our walking area is located inside the National Park.

Make a change – this trip includes purchase of the ticket to the National Park which supports Park’s preservation projects. Those projects consists of two pillars. First pillar is research projects like reforestation research (through which we pass on one of the days). The second pillar is maintaining the park infrastructure: maintain the tracks and signalization around the park.


Neighbour – a big part of this particular itinerary is getting access to local families. On the islands you stay in family operated BnB that also serve your breakfast. All dinners are organised by local, family operated cooperatives. They do not function as restaurants but only prepare food for a limited number of guests per year. This way you get access to families and dinners which are not accessible to the general tourism travelers. Those families then serve the food from their gardens, fish they have caught or alternatively source it from their neighbours or other family cooperatives. In the last resort, they supply it from the mainland but again from a family operated businesses.

Campaigning for change – islands in the archipelago have a chronically declining number of residents. There is an opportunity to send a strong message to the young local population to start businesses on islands and revive island economy. Doing this trip you are ‘walking the talk’ and proving that tourism can have a positive influence beyond the main streets of the most hyped places on the mainland. At the same time, we prove that tourism can support local culture and traditions like fishing, beekeeping, farming on the islands and more importantly. Most importantly it can make it in a sustainable that builds on the heritage and history and does note require large groups that overwhelm the local community and their way of living.

Neighbours – up on the mountains you stay in a mountain hut that is operated by a local mountaineering association. It is a non-profit organisation that maintains the mountain hut and all revenues go to maintain the hut. On occasions, we stay in a privately run the hut. In that case, all proceeding go to the family that maintains the hut.

Traveling with respect – the staff in the hut is very welcoming and are always eager to share their adventures of living so high in the mountains. It does feel like you are in your second home. This is complemented with a welcome drink.

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