Masai mara safari & community experience, Kenya

“A unique experience in East Africa featuring 4 nights immersed in a Kenyan community and a further week of wildlife watching in the Maasai Mara.”


Four nights in Kericho | Cultural activities include: cow milking, picking tea, harvesting maize, and general farming | Game drive around Mount Elgon | Guided nature walk in Kakamega tropical rainforest | Watch hippos on a sunrise boat trip | Big game safaris in Maasai Mara | Tented camps, traditional homestays and life in a Maasai village | See giraffes around Lake Naivasha | Hiking and biking in Hells Gate National Park |

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Responsible tourism

Responsible tourism: Masai mara safari & community experience, Kenya


1. Through this travel, we will promote the use of non Plastic bags and all clients will be expected to have refillable water bottles as the company will provide water and all clients can do, is refill to help us reduce the use of plastic bottles

2.During all our Game drives, we will be sticking to the main trucks and avoid off-road driving which has been a great challenge in conserving our parks.
we promise to promote healthy way of living by ensuring our vehicles are well maintained and the carbon emission reduced through continuous checks and servicing

3.Actively engaging clients in responsible behavior while on the trip. We do this through carefully selecting our activities, accommodations and transport providers, encouragement from our tour leaders, working closely with our operators to improve standards, and always being open to improving and learning. We also achieve this through educating our participants about cultural and environmental impacts of how they can maximize the positives and minimize the negatives

4. our suppliers are well selected in regards to their policies when it comes to responsible travel of which includes, their staff have to be local, waste management has to be friendly to the environment, water management signs have to be in the rooms to remind clients. we mainly use Eco camps and for home stays, the owners are provided with the basic knowledge in regards to our policies and learn more with time


1.During this trip, we will be using lots of community homes as part of our accommodation, our long term goal is to promote home stays and cultural homes to our clients instead of using expensive lodges that don't benefit the local community.

2. Our group sizes are to a maximum of 6, this will help us to control the level of impact we bring to the communities when we visit

3.Through our community visits, we hope to uplift the life of the people we visit through direct injection of income and supporting them in the basic needs during our tours, shopping of local crafts and food are done at local markets which gives clients too a greater opportunity to experience the peoples way of life

4. Beginning with our offices, we help and encourage clients to build their awareness of their host country before they depart, the first group briefing covers the entire trip and every evening clients will be getting a briefing to update them about the next destination.
Clients will also be provided with language papers for the different communities we will visit on this trip to help them.

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