Aegean to the Ionian sea walking vacation Greece

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Responsible tourism

Responsible tourism: Aegean to the Ionian sea walking vacation Greece


During this trip our guests will have the opportunity to visit some of the major natural and cultural highlights of the northern part of Greece. This is an eco-guided tour. Our tour leaders share their knowledge and experience with our guests in order for them to really understand the importance of the ecosystems are traveling into. National Parks, Protected Environmental Areas, Archaeological Sites, places with great natural, geological, cultural, and historical value; we share our wide knowledge on the areas we visit and talk to our guests about their protection.

This tour is for small groups, up to 8 persons and it is performed with a minivan, facts which lead to limited impact to the local ecosystem in comparison to a bus.
No single-use recipients are used in our picnics; fabric picnic tablecloth instead of a paper or a plastic one, washable dishes and cutlets. Our guests must have their own picnic set.
We avoid the use of plastic water bottles. In most areas the water is drinkable and our guests can fill their aluminum bottles with tap water.
We encourage our guests to help us clean at least the spot we choose every time for our pick-nick pose. We collect any possible garbage and carried them to the nearest operating bucket.

Our company promotes ecotourism and sustainable adventure vacations, whilst providing you a unique travel experience. We guide you to the beautiful nature and civilization of the less known part of Greece, in an adventure out of the ordinary.


We work with local people. Our guides are locals, we select small, mainly family-run accommodations and taverns, and we shop for our picnics from small local stores.

For the meals we choose local specialties and traditional products so that the travelers can get familiar with local cuisine. We suggest our guests to buy local products and gifts.

During this 8-day trip, we give our driver-guide one day off, in order for him to rest. For this day, the guide is been replaced by one of our local partners, a professional and experienced eco-guide as well. This is not only beneficial for the local community but crucial for the performance and the safety the tour.

We ask our guests to respect the culture and customs of each destination and do everything posible not to disturb the local activities. As this is a trip for really small groups the negative impact is practically zero.

Our guides and local partners with their expertise and knowledge on the area they will make this trip and unforgettable experience for you.

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