Women only Umbria multiactivity vacation

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Responsible tourism

Responsible tourism: Women only Umbria multiactivity vacation


We choose our suppliers among the ones that sustain the environment. The villa where you will stay is a "Responsible Tourism accommodation". It's an agriturismo producing its own oil and wine and many organic vegetables. The buildings have been restored following the local tradition and materials. They have solar panels for energy saving and have a good organization in recycling. So we try to network with people that have a similar approach to protecting our environment and act responsibly.

We identified our suppliers among the ones that have a concern for the environment, for example, with restaurants, we choose those that use local and/or organic products as much as possible, the so called “kilometer zero” (produced by local farms in the territory) also in favour of maintaining biodiversity.; those that care about recycling and are committed to reducing waste; that support the preservation of our landscape, with typical olive groves and vineyards. The wines that are produced and served in restaurants are mostly DOC, DOCG and IGP that are linked to the territory, require specific planting densities, training systems and pruning systems that are traditional, land and plants are not over exploited, so that the environmental and cultivation conditions of the vineyards are those traditional for the area and capable of conveying the specific quality characteristics to the grapes.

We support the set up of the Foundation “Archeologia Arborea” in Città di Castello, which aims are to support biodiversity, the identification and multiplication of varieties of fruit trees that are disappearing because not as productive as the modern ones, protection of the landscape, support to sustainable development. The Foundation will take care, develop, reproduce and spread the different varieties of old and typical fruit trees that is the heritage of the San Lorenzo Collection, that includes 400 trees (apple, pear, cherry, plum, fig, almond, quince and medlar trees) that have been found in Central Italy and reproduced to avoid their extinction.

Last but not least, the goal of the Umbria Region is to achieve the 65% of separate collection of rubbish in a few years. Some of the 92 Umbria municipalities have reached it yet. We help support Umbria environment giving to our clients information to support recycling explaining how to divide rubbish and where to trough it. The most common categories of rubbish are: organic waste, non-recyclable waste and recyclable waste (paper, plastic, tin and glass). In the streets or in the hotels and B&B, you will find several containers that have different colours and have a label -written only in Italian- explaining what it must collect, so we provide our travelers with a simple guide with instructions to sustain recycling: check our little guide before disposing of your garbage to be eco-friendly!


The guide that will accompany you is a local one, living in the territory where the tour will take place. She supported us in choosing every cellar, farm or restaurant, so that they are the ones, really representing our wonderful Umbria.

We include in our tours cellars, restaurants, trattorie and farms that are producing and/or using typical local products. Supporting them we support maintaining in Umbria biodiversity, sustaining the small producers that often have 1 or 2 ha of land, or those that wants to continue producing following the local traditions, fighting again the cultivation of GMOs in vast estates and the careless use of pesticides. Buying and tasting these products and visiting these farms is a way to support local producers that otherwise risk to disappear.

Furthermore, we include in our tour visits to local handicraft labs, sustaining the production of souvenirs that are linked to the territory, to our history and the capable hands of our artisans.

We sustain a local NGO, Tamat that works on sustainable development projects in Italy and in other countries. Tamat set up an Ethical Purchasing Group in the old town in Perugia buying local products from small farmers and sharing the choices of the producers with the citizens, supporting the revitalization of a neighborhood in the center of the city. Tamat organizes also meeting and events to gather local people, students and experts to discuss about sustainable development.

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