Northern Portugal self-guided hiking vacation

“Routes through the mountains, along the Rio Lima valley and on the Green Coast – this self guided walking vacation reveals the best of northern Portugal.”


Easy walking with some long days | Luggage transferred from hotel to hotel | Porto | Lindoso to Soajo walk | walk westwards from Soajo | Ponte de Barca to Ponte de Lima walk | Ponte de Lima to Viana do Castelo | Viana to Vila Praia de Âncora walk | walk into Galicia in Spain

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Responsible tourism

Responsible tourism: Northern Portugal self-guided hiking vacation


We advise all of our clients to stay to the marked paths. This is to maintain the environment as they pass so that it remains pristine for walkers using the pathways in the future. It is also important in order to keep some distance from the local wildlife. We also advise that they take all of their rubbish with them until the end of the day and recycle or dispose of it as is appropriate.

As much as is possible on this trek we have tried to ensure that the walking is done from hotel to hotel, meaning that there is no need to be transported from or to a hotel each day and reduces the need for transportation journeys and their effect on the environment. When the luggage needs to be transferred we use the hotels or local companies to ensure that the driving required is kept to a minimum.

Our trek takes you from the border of Spain in north-east Portugal all the way to the Atlantic Coast on the north-west through the beautiful Minho region.


Most of the hotels we use in the Minho are small and family run enabling these establishments to continue into the future. They are the establishments which are most in need of the tourism income and their ability to continue their success is important to this area. We also arrange for our clients to eat either at the hotels or at small local restaurants, again keeping the income in the small towns and villages where they stay overnight. We also use either the hotel, local companies or local taxi companies for the luggage and people transfers necessary for this trek. This also keeps the environmental impact to a minimum.

Inheriting its name from the curving river which flows through it, marking the border with Spain, the Minho region of Northern Portugal is not only rich in culture, traditions and history, it is also strikingly beautiful. Also known as ‘Costa Verde’ or the ‘Green Coast’, Minho is renowned for its excellent wines and unparalleled hospitality of its people.

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