Lake Como art vacation

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Responsible tourism

Responsible tourism: Lake Como art vacation


We are a small size local tour operator and we establish partnerships with suppliers that are usually family-run and that share our environmental values and our vision of the world. We are committed to the preservation of old buildings and of the cultural heritage of our Country and we cooperate with local suppliers that have our common aim. For example, the artistic experience on day 2 of this programme is offered by a local artist whose mission is to spread the knowledge and preserve ancient crafts and techniques of the Italian Masters, mainly of the Magistri Cumacini; they were one of the most prestigious lake craftsmen born in Como since the 7th Century, sought after throughout the ancient world for their great stone processing capabilities and summoned to the biggest cities for the construction of imposing cathedrals and elegant palaces. The artist and his partners have set up an Art Gallery in a very small hamlet that was almost deserted and that only in recent years has seen people returning to live there and give new life to old buildings, this is a further proof of their commitment to the preservation of the cultural environment of the area.

We have selected the means of transport for this vacations based on their sustainability features; you will travel mostly by train and sometimes by public boat. A moderate amount of walking is involved suitable for all ages; in case the walking distance is a bit too much for you or you need help in carrying your baggage, we can arrange private transportation but in this case we rely on small local suppliers to minimize the impact on the environment


Como is a touristic town with many visitors all year round, it is difficult for tourists, especially for foreigners, to discern touristy places from shops and restaurants favorite by locals. Centrally located shops and restaurants are often considered touristic but this is not the case for Como that is quite a small town where you can find historical shops and typical restaurants right in the centre. We have mentioned a couple of places attended by the locals in the programme description and we have a list of local places we recommend as well as businesses with a historical certification recognized by the authorities.

Most of our programmes include a visit to a craftsman’s workshop and we have done the same for this vacation. You have the possibility to visit the workshop of a pottery artisan and to customize the experience on your interests: you can simply watch the artisan working the clay and producing different items or you can actually make your own object. Both experiences will offer you the opportunity to talk to the craftsman about the pottery production and you will see the basic techniques to create an object. This kind of experiences is a unique opportunity to get in touch with local people and to provide an income to craftsmen who try to keep alive ancient arts and crafts

We are a local company and we work with local people with whom we establish fair working conditions according to the law. Local people will profit from the economic benefits of this vacation: the local representative whom you will meet upon arrival at the hotel, the craftsman, the local artist and his partners, and the restaurant where you will have dinner on your last night which is a locally owned place. This is a self- guided vacation for independent travelers but if you wish to request the services of a guide, we cooperate with local certified guides

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