Trekking with Sherpas in the Everest region

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We can arrange treks around the Everest Region from end September through winter to mid-May, min 7 days, max 30 days

Responsible tourism

Trekking with Sherpas in the Everest region

Carbon reduction

Your vacation will help support local people and conservation. We must also reduce CO2. Learn about the CO2 emissions of this vacation and how to reduce them.


We are a Nepali company and travel through this company makes a direct impact in the economy of Nepal. We tailor make all our trips with the purpose of promoting and preserving Nepal’s rich cultural and ecological diversity. With every trip we strive to exceed our clients’ expectations, whilst minimising the impact on our environment and maximising the contribution to the local economy. Keeping our passion for people and nature close to our heart we endeavour to tailor make extraordinary trips to suit extraordinary people. The company’s founder director is a lead-figure in the responsible tourism movement in Nepal and therefore responsible tourism is at the heart of our operation.

Responsibility audit: We have in place and are constantly modifying an internal audit mechanism that gauges our work in responsibility, and works towards improvements on a constant basis.

On the Trek: We only run small group/private treks staying in homestays and family-owned teahouses to ensure maximum contribution to the local economy. We use a core group of guides who are trained in responsible tourism practices and principles. Throughout the trek the guides encourage our clients to make decisions that will minimise their impact on the environment and maximise their contribution to the local economy.

Our Guides & Porters: Where possible we hire guides and porters from the local area that the trek is operating in. We encourage all our clients to hire porters. Giving local people employment is a great way of directing money straight back into the local economy. Our porters are not allowed to carry more that 20kg. This is well below the national recommendation of 30kg. Each guide is paid up front and is required to take a signed receipt for each porter used to ensure the correct wage has been paid.

Our Office: We take our responsibility towards looking after the environment very seriously and as a company we try to run our offices in as environmentally friendly manner as possible. Year on year we work towards reducing our energy consumption and waste production. Our office is totally furnished in locally made furniture and handicrafts.

All staff members are local Nepalese and from a range of ethnic backgrounds. We do not discriminate on gender or age. 10% of profits are budgeted for staff development and welfare.

Philanthropy: We take our impact on the local community very seriously. Almost all personnel are involved in some form of social/charitable work. Time and funding are given to allow them to support these ventures up to 10% of the company’s profits. On top of this 10% of the company's profits also goes directly into employee benefits.

3 Reviews of Trekking with Sherpas in the Everest region

3.5 out of 5 stars

Reviewed on 16 Apr 2017 by

1. What was the most memorable or exciting part of your vacation?

Without doubt going into the Himalaya's. Our guide was great and made sure that we got to see Everest despite us both suffering from altitude sickness. The
added bonus was getting to see a yeti skull!

2. What tips would you give other travelers booking this vacation?

However much you've prepared - prepare more, take LOTS of cash

3. Did you feel that your vacation benefited local people, reduced environmental impacts or supported conservation?

Not specifically

4. Finally, how would you rate your vacation overall?

The guides we were provided were good to exceptional. They were generous with their time, in answering our many questions and suggesting places we may like to see and visit.

Unfortunately the work of the guides was not supported by the administrative support from the tour operator, for example promised events such as a dinner on the last night simply never happened. promised support to move luggage around hotels - never happened (not great when you're in Lukla). It all
resulted in an unpleasant end to the vacation - asking and confirming with the office that I would get a taxi for the airport at 2:30pm ... instead I got two
members of staff turning up, a bag of coffee beans (I don't drink coffee) and a promise that the taxi would be with me in the next 5 minutes or so.... 20
minutes later I was in the street, with a member of hotel staff hailing my own taxi and paying my own fare to the airport. The general behaviour of the
office staff culminating in the irritation around what should have been a simple trip to an airport made an unpleasant end to what should have been an
exceptional vacation...

Read the operator's response here:

Anna, we take feedback very seriously, as this is a good way for us to learn and improve, and also to gauge the satisfaction levels we have of our clients. Post receiving this feedback we have had a very detailed meeting with the team and guide to see what went wrong that you came up with a feedback like this. Let me answer in detail.

1. The trip briefing you had with Bipin clearly had a component which explained how the money you gave us to run the trip gets distributed. We never use anyone but local guides, porters, local lodges, local transport operators etc. Even the horse you hired was local and the owner local up in the mountains. We have a very strict principle not to vertically integrate and do our very best to distribute the local money into the local economy. I am at a loss how you got an impression that the tour did not benefit local communities at all. I am quite sure that Bipin also briefed you on the conservation elements on responsible tourism and conservation efforts on the trip, added to which we also put 10% of profits into projects that do exactly that. It is for all these efforts that we have six nominations of the Responsible Tourism Awards in the UK and the Travelife certificate status (the first in Asia for a tour operator). Perhaps the information got lost in the briefing somehow.

2. Also unfortunate that you think our administration of the trip was not good enough. Without us doing the work that is required behind to prepare for the trip, you would not have got.

a. Very thoughtful extra nights of stay paid from our side in Kathmandu, for which you were very grateful, as per reports from my staff.
b. Some of the best guides in Nepal, which we planned for and ensured for your trip.
c. Modifications on the trail (of which we were keeping tabs and guiding remotely), when you and your daughter were unable to walk on the trail, to ensure
we made enough changes for you to get a chance to see Everest (the guide reported you were so happy to see it you cried of happiness)
d. Your luggage did not get transferred on time because you had taken the tag with you on the trek and there was no way for my staff to recognise your luggage at the hotel, for which Sunit reports there is an email from you apologising for it and understanding why it happened.
e. Your airport transfer did not come on time at Holy Himalaya as it was New Year Day in Kathmandu an they had coordinated an impromtu Street Festival that blocked the main entrance, hence the car had to take a diversion. It can happen, so was not from lack of oversight or effort from our part. The hotel promptly arranged a taxi to take you to the airport.

3. We also feel that the final gift we had for you (the coffee bag) went a bit to waste, in hindsight, as you seem not to appreciate our efforts to ensure you have something to remember Nepal by. What you received is top grade single origin high altitude organic Nepali coffee (the best in the market) roasted a day before to ensure freshness. Our principle is that you get a chance to experience Nepal a week after you return. Pity you do not drink coffee, but I am sure some of your friends or family will really appreciate a chance to taste coffee of that standard. We also ensure we give Nepal's finest in our parting gift, so you can see what we are good at.

All in all, apologies for the hitches that have dampened your experience. We do attempt to exceed expectations, but with every experience we learn, and ensure that we go ahead performing better and better.

Thanks for your feedback. The time you have taken is greatly appreciated.

Reviewed on 30 Nov 2012 by

1. What was the most memorable or exciting part of your vacation?

Seeing Everest for the first time was fantastic. The flight into Lukla was also exciting!

2. What tips would you give other travelers booking this vacation?

Take a VERY warm sleeping bag, shoes to wear in the evenings, wetwipes to wash as the showers are very variable and cost extra. Also take water sterilizing tabs, you can buy boiled water or bottled but both have more environmental impact. Remember there is a 15kg luggage limit on the flight to Lukla

3. Did you feel that your vacation benefited local people, reduced environmental impacts or supported conservation?

Yes, you need to be careful about buying bottled water and all the other usual environmental things but overall it helped the local economy

4. Finally, how would you rate your vacation overall?

Read the operator's response here:


Thanks for the review of our trip. Its important for us that we receive feedback and will note everything you have said
here, particularly the advise you are giving other travelers, to ensure that we include that in our pre-departure notes to

Glad you feel that we helped the local economy. Spreading the money into the economy is an important aspect of our
working principles and am glad that this is notices right at the customer level.

Hope we will see you in Nepal again, and thanks for saying you would recommend it to a friend!

Founder Director

Reviewed on 28 Jan 2012 by

1. What was the most memorable or exciting part of your vacation?

Mountain biking around the hills of Kathmandu.

2. What tips would you give other travelers booking this vacation?

Be prepared to be cold at night in January. I didn't pack enough warm layers.

3. Did you feel that your vacation benefited local people, and minimized impacts on the environment?


4. Finally, how would you rate your vacation overall?


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