Rome to Paris European Tour

“Italy, Switzerland and France all share borders - but each is wonderfully unique. This tour explores the cultures, landscapes and incredible history of each, traveling by train throughout.”


Rome | Vatican City | Lucca | Pisa | Florence | La Spezia | Cinque Terre | Milan | Stresa | Lago Maggiore | Lucerne | Interlaken | Swiss Alps | Bern | Dijon | Burgundy region | Beaune | Reims, Champagne region | Paris | Optional: mountain biking, hiking in the Alps, boat trips across the lake, museums, art galleries and cathedrals, wine and Champagne tours and more

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Responsible tourism

Responsible tourism: Rome to Paris European Tour

We are committed to a style of travel that is environmentally, culturally and socially responsible. With your participation we aim to travel in a way that conserves the areas we visit and bring positive benefits to local communities. Basically we ask all our travelers to respect local rules and values. This means different things in different countries so be as informed as possible about the country you visit before you arrive - try to learn some of the local language and read about the religion and culture. This will improve your traveling experience. With a little effort on your part you will find yourself coming away with a greater sense of understanding of other cultures and feeling pleased to have left a positive mark on the country you visited.

As this trip traverses three countries, it is important for travelers to learn as much as possible in advance about the cultural differences that will arise, so that we can travel respecting these differences and minimising any negative impacts. Your group leader and the local guides we use along the way will help to break down barriers in your interactions with local people.

Our travel style involves:

- Grass roots travel using local public transport where possible - minimises demand for special tourist vehicles and fuel.
- We choose small-scale locally owned accommodation and homestays where available and local restaurants and markets for dining, retaining revenue in local communities.
- Our leaders facilitate communication of our values to travelers and local communities, educating them in sustainable tourism practices.
- We employ local guides to aid travelers' understanding of local culture and etiquette.
- Small groups allow travelers to experience cultures at first hand, offering greater opportunity for cross- cultural understanding.

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