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Responsible tourism

Responsible tourism: England spiritual tour


We are environmentally conscious and aware of its footprint. This is our homeland and we are doing the best we could to keep her clean and unpolluted. This is the reason why we put the best effort into educating our travelers to be aware of their impact on the ecosystems and to act responsible.
We cooperate with suppliers that has the same policy as we.For example, we buy our toiletries from the company that sells only organic products. We also encourage new suppliers to have the same ethics as we by sending them our regulations and we work only with those who accept the same policies as we.

For this tour, we choose Eco-friendly hotels or hotels that support local heritage. For example in the hotel Castle and Ball in Marlborough where our guests will stay for 3 nights, in order to support local heritage all rooms are restored to their past glory. All our hotels are owned by locals and they employ local people. Before inviting people to come to England we give our customers a short briefing about the importance of being responsible. We advise our travelers to take care of nature, control water usage whenever they can, and pick up all the litter that they see. To all travelers that are travel with us we provide travel bags to put and collect garbage during the tour.


Our tours are designed to show and preserve local culture and traditions. All of the guides, drivers and staff are local people. We also use local transport wherever possible, from trains to local buses and taxis.
The biggest part Spiritual England tour is related to some historical heritage, so we advise our customers to respect secret places, behave properly and not to cause any damage to the monuments.
We believe that responsible travel is about the attitude you take with you and the choices you make when traveling. Respect to the local people, their cultures, the economy and the environment should be the first rule that travelers follow.Our Spiritual England tour is designed to educate people about Englandís rich history and give an insight and understanding of its culture and community, so people can gain more from their visit.
We eat only in local restaurants owned by locals and eat traditional dishes.
Our goal is not only to help the local community but also to educate our customers to act in a socially responsible way. In order to support local economy, we encourage our customers to visit local art shops and buy souvenirs and products in local markets and craft shops.
Sustainable development, protection and conservation are most important goals of our company. We are doing our best to transfer our knowledge to others so we could together act responsibly in preserving the planet.

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