Borneo wildlife safari

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Responsible tourism

Responsible tourism: Borneo wildlife safari


We promise to cultivate knowledge and love for the environment. Tours, stays and programs expose visitors to the rainforest, its flora and fauna.

Management of resorts/accommodations are observing and having steps taken in:-

1) Waste Management (Reuse, Reduce & Recycle)
- Recycle, reusable and reduction in food management, packaging materials, and guest amenities
- Water refill station with carbon-filtered drinking water
- All non-recyclable waste materials are transported away from sensitive environment
- Food are prepared accordingly and minimize on wastage

2) Control of Energy Consumption
- The Chalets are built on natural landscaping (minimum impact on surrounding environment)
- Chalets are equipped with fans and cut-off electricity power for not usage.
- Energy saving light bulbs and LED lamps are used

3) Local Products and Community
- Local products are used to reduce carbon footprints and stimulate local economy
- Employment opportunities for the local villages
- In-house Vegetable gardens for fresh produce
- No pesticides used in gardening/landscaping to avoid contamination of river and water

4) Noise Pollution
- Generators are insulated for sound proofing
- Artificial sounds/noises are at minimum to experience the jungle effects


Brunei is a country full of religious and cultural customs. The tour guide will brief visitors on these Islamic values especially when visiting mosques. Visitors are required to cover up modestly and remove their shoes. There are also to respect people who are praying by not making irrelevant noises. During trips to the Water Village, we promise visitors are aware of local customs and traditions of visiting houses. The hotel is managed locally and employs vastly local people.

The Sumbiling Eco Village promises to build self-esteem of local community through their involvement and achievements. All the residents of the village are involved in decision making processes and they are the key player in operations. The village only employs local residents from tour guides, trail leaders to cooks. This builds pride in their indigenous culture & local way of life as they get to showcase the culture and heritage to the visitors.

The tour provider also promises to empower the people in the community by providing jobs and volunteering opportunities to locals with in-house training.

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