Wildlife vacation in the forests of central Sweden

1750 excluding flights
5 Days
Small group
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You will stay the first three nights at Färna Manor - This is a big favourite among our guests! Hotel standard double, twin or single rooms with own WC are available.
Single room supplement 95 EUR. One night in tent, choose single or double.
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Description of Wildlife vacation in the forests of central Sweden


Price information

1750 excluding flights
You will stay the first three nights at Färna Manor - This is a big favourite among our guests! Hotel standard double, twin or single rooms with own WC are available.
Single room supplement 95 EUR. One night in tent, choose single or double.
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Responsible Travel

As the pioneers of responsible tourism, we've screened this (and every) vacation so that you can travel knowing it will help support the places and people that you visit, and the planet. Read how below.


We strive towards working as sustainably as possible and to be a role model within the tourism industry. We continuously work to minimize impact from all tours while at the same time maximizing our positive impact on the environment and the local society.

Our impact on the environment
We have applied a strict policy to reduce, reuse and recycle whenever possible, for example:
We always travel in small groups with educated and involved guides. One guide to a maximum of 7 guests. This allows the guide in charge to effectively guide, monitor, and prep all guests on how to interact with their environment.
Educating guests on impact. All guides are aware of the impact that our tours are having on the environment especially in regard to the climate and local culture. This is an integral part of our educationally focused trips.
We recycle all of our waste in our basecamp in Färna. We separate all plastic, paper, metal, electronics and batteries and take it to the communal recycling stations.
All equipment is maintained and chosen for its durability and quality.
We avoid all single use materials. We print most material on recycled paper.
Over-tourism. To avoid over tourism we offer all of our trips in less visited areas and venture further away from the congested tourism areas. This is a key selling point of our trips but also an effective way to reduce numbers at each attraction. Taking groups further afield to places such as Västmanland, Gävleborg or Jokkmokk allows the positive financial and cultural effects of tourism to be disseminated into local areas.


Our impact on the community
All of our tours have a strong local connection, with local guides involved.

We are based in Sweden and pay taxes in Sweden.
We work exclusively with local guides and locally owned accommodations and restaurants. This creates jobs in rural areas and it also provides our guests with a much more authentic experience.
We ask restaurants to use locally produced ingredients, for example smoked wild boar or free grazing lambs along with pickled chanterelles or sweetened lingonberries. Beer and drinks come from local breweries.
We educate our local guides to understand the various forms of interaction between humans and wildlife. There are many conflicts that must be solved and it is important to understand the various aspects and to get the bigger picture in order to find new solutions.
Each year we organize numerous guide workshops all over Sweden with the aim to inspire and help more people to become guides. This creates jobs and brings in tourism money to rural areas and thereby it increases the economical value of nature and wildlife.
Less carbon emissions
Many of our guests who join our tours fly to get here. That is a fact. But to avoid long haul flights we have chosen to focus our marketing to attract Europeans and at the same time to avoid marketing or work with partners overseas.
We encourage our guests to choose public transport or our collective transfer services whenever possible, we give rewards for guests that arrive by train and we include train tickets in some of the tours.
We keep driving to a minimum and we always choose to work with local accommodations and restaurants. During our tours we use minivans that run on diesel. We are hoping to be able to replace these with electrical vans within a few years when minivans become available and we can afford it.
Our boats are run on electric motors and the batteries are recharged on clean hydro-power.
We save biodiversity in Sweden’s old growth forests
The Save the Forest Award is granted by WildSweden each year since 2017 and comes with a prize money of 10,000 SEK. With this award we aim to show respect and acknowledgment to young people who stand up for the biodiversity in Sweden’s wild and beautiful forests.
Starting from 2023 we are helping our guests donate money to Save the Forest Sweden, an NGO that focuses on saving biodiversity in Sweden’s old growth forests.

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