Sri Lanka budget island tour

“11 day tailor made tour of Sri Lanka combining cultural highlights, wildlife watching, adventure activities and beach time at Arugam Bay.”


Kithulgala | Nuwara Eliya | Galways Land National Park | Kandy | Anuradhapura | Polonnaruwa | Wilpattu | Trincomalee | Arugambay | Colombo |

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Responsible tourism

Responsible tourism: Sri Lanka budget island tour


1. Wildlife- We respect and value our wildlife and our committed to conserving it. During this tour, our guests will receive an opportunity to view local wildlife in national parks. The guides who will accompany our guests on these visits are trained to strictly follow the rules and regulations that minimize any negative effects that we may cause on the environment in order to protect the delicate natural habitats and eco systems.
2. Suppliers- The hotels we use during this tour have strong environmental values and have good policies in place to ensure well being of staff is protected. Moreover these hotels have policies in place that allow them to bring development to rural communities by employing locals from the village community.
3. Waste- We reuse paper in our office. We do not print documents or emails unnecessarily. To reduce paper usage, we store most data electronically rather than on paper printouts and tour details and other pre- departure information is emailed to our clients. When we need to photocopy, we try to print on both sides of the page. We purchase stationery made of recycled materials wherever possible
4. Transport- Our tours are organized in a manner that allow minimal wastage of fuel by selecting the tours to begin with the hill country ascent and them descending to other locations. Moreover most of our fleet contains hybrid vehicles that are very economical on fuel.


1. Friends and neighbors- When on tour we encourage clients to eat at locally-owned restaurants rather than global multinational companies. As much as possible, we try to look for local hostels and hotels which are safe, comfortable and operated in a sustainable way. We also make an effort to look out for accommodation options which utilize energy from renewable sources.
2. Support the local community- We ensure that local economies benefit from our business by using locally-owned accommodation an employing local people as guides.
3. Campaigning for change- We were apart of the movement that campaigned for the enactment of the animal welfare bill and the law to make spearfishing illegal. These campaigns were successful and the bills was passed in parliament that made spearfishing illegal and legislation was passed to enact the animal welfare bill.
4. Local crafts and culture- During this tour, our guests will get ample opportunities to interact with the local community and get exposure to local culture. During this tour, our guests will view the Kandy cultural dance which will expose them to the various traditional dancers of ancient Sri Lanka and also get opportunities to interact with them.

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