China and Laos cycling tour

“A fair to moderate group cycling tour including nine days cycling between 40 - 100kms on mainly paved roads in some mountainous areas as well as plenty of free time to explore on foot. ”


Kunming | Jinghong | Ganlanba | Menglun | Mengla | Mohan | Luang Namtha | Oudomxai | River Ou | Muang Khua | Muang Ngoi | Pak Nam Nga | Luang Prabang | River Mekong |

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08 Feb 2019
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10 Oct 2019
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Responsible tourism

Responsible tourism: China and Laos cycling tour


Since 2010, we are proud to be CSR-certified by TourCert – a certification which demands constant improvement on corporate responsibility issues which we work hard to fulfil.

We believe that cycling is one of the most responsible ways to travel!
On this unique trip through three different countries, we completely avoid transfers by car or domestic flights and cover all the distance by bicycle and boat. This will keep emmissions at a minimum while giving our participants the possiblity to experience the countries we travel through in the most genuine and unfiltered way.

To limit the damage to our planet caused by long-distance flights, we cooperate with atmosfair and recommend our customers to compensate their CO2-footprint by donating to the climate protection projects supported by atmosfair.

Our tour guides are instructed to reduce waste by preferring regionally produced fruit from the market over heavily packaged goods from the supermarket. Participants as well as drivers will be advised to follow this example and use only public wastebins for disposal. Green Discovery, our partner in Laos, promises to save resources and reduce waste wherever possible.

We are careful not to leave any traces of garbage or harmed plants at any place we vistit, keeping the landscape as beautiful and clean (or even cleaner) as we find it.

Because of concerns about the well-being of elephants held in captivity we do not include visits to elephant camps on this trip.


To support local businesses and keep in close touch with the local culture, we select small and family enterprises as partners for our tours.

Green Discovery, our long-term partner in Laos promises to support the local communities and provide a fair salary to all their staff throughout the year (including rain/low season). The same applies to the drivers and guides emplyed directly through us in China.

We support local structures as much as we can, choosing accommodation that represent the local culture. In Laos, one homestay is included in the itinerary, giving our participants the possibility to experience the local culture as close as possible while supporting the local economy in the most direct way. In Luang Prabang, we stay at Sala Prabang , an accomodation which combines comfort with the local spirit, designing their rooms in a subtle blend of colonial elegance and hand crafted contemporary Lao elements. The building was named as a protected structure when Luang Prabang was designated as a World Heritage Site in 1995.

For food, we advise our guides to choose restaurants which serve regional dishes and buy local produce such as fruit and vegetables whenever possible.

Respect for the regional culture is one of our core concerns. Our company's guide, who has acquired deep knowledge of the Chinese everyday-culture and customs will share their knowledge with the group to help both sides understand each other and increase mutual respect. In China, our guide will lead the group alone. In Laos and Thailand, he/she will get support by competent and friendly local guides who likewise will be dedicated to establish friendly and direct relations betweeen the participants and the locals.

When looking for souvenirs, our guides will assist the participants to identify locally crafted goods which are sold at a fair price. In Luang Namtha we visit a local weaving cooperative which sells shawls and cloth woven in the traditional style of the local minority - the revenue from selling these handicraft goods will go directly to the producers.

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