Medical internship in India

“A 2-3 week hospital medical placement suitable for a range of health professionals, based in Delhi. Stay in volunteer accommodation in South Delhi. Breakfast and dinner provided, six days a week. ”


Medical internship in Delhi hospital | Choose from various medical departments | Breakfast and dinners provided | Opportunity to see Taj Mahal and Jaipur

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Responsible tourism

Responsible tourism: Medical internship in India


We put a lot of effort into being sustainable and working to be environmentally friendly within the city. Ensuring everyone is aware of this and committed to the stewardship of the surrounding area. Before applicants set off we inform them of the differences in air quality, cultural information and tips to living in the country to help maintain a respect between the locals and the applicants.

We promote either walking a short 10-15 minute walk to the destination centre from the accommodation to reduce your carbon footprint and reduce unnecessary transport use. Or, ensure groups travel together to ensure safety and help reduce the number of travel trips.

We actively encourage our interns to reuse their water-bottles and fill them up with the filtered water dispensers in their accommodation to reduce rubbish waste and have less risk of water contamination.

We have an optional week long cultural assimilation week before the internship begins which teaches the applicants about cooking methods and good quality sourced food which is provided to them. The accommodation is well kitted out to cook properly and cut down on eating out and travel costs


In Delhi, the local doctors and nurses who work within the hospital are helped by the interns, who provide work and support to the local community. The week long cultural and language course prior to the medical internship provides the correct understanding of cultural differences and norms to get used to within the community and how to interact with locals and learn about their customs.

Information about safety and security in the street and in crowded places is informed. This includes understanding road rules and appropriate dress sense and ways to address people. Providing this knowledge helps keep a fluid and friendly dynamic to the local community and manifests a local insight into life in the city and a great way to get involved with the community structure.

The medical internship by its nature helps interns to directly aid and impact the local community by examining and helping patients and providing a service and responsibility as a representative of the hospital. By working and shadowing in the different departments, all different people in the local community will be met and treated equally. This enables an intern to get a broad scope of medical practices and understand various groups in the community and show equality and professionalism in the work-space.

The Indian staff who look after the interns on our behalf in India, only employ local Indians to assist with cooking for the interns during the weekdays and cleaning of the housing areas. This provides jobs and money solely for the local community.

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