Medical internship in the Himalayas, India

“A 2-3 week medical placement in North India hill station town, choosing from a variety of establishments depending on skills and interests. Stay in volunteer accommodation, all meals provided. ”


Medical placement in variety of establishments | Palampur, Himachal Pradesh | Hill station plantations | Option of language and cultural week in Delhi | Yoga classes

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Responsible tourism

Responsible tourism: Medical internship in the Himalayas, India


A lot of effort is put into being responsible and environmentally aware when creating these projects. There is an emphasis to be environmentally friendly in Northern India and the Palampur surrounding areas. We are committed to making sure that all our volunteers are aware of this and are dedicated to looking after the environment within the Palampur district. Prior to leaving on the medical programme we inform the interns of the differences in air quality and cultural norms and etiquettes and things to be aware of when living in the country to help maintain a good rapport between the medical interns and the local community.

There is a short 10-15 minute walk to the main road, which we actively tell our interns to take when visiting the local markets to buy locally grown food or heading into Palampur town. The medical centre is a short bus ride away which all the interns take together to limit your carbon footprint and reduce unnecessary transport use. Interns go together in groups to also ensure safety and help reduce the number of travel trips.

Reusing water-bottles rather than simply throwing them away is encouraged by all interns. Filling them up with the filtered water dispensers in their accommodation will reduce rubbish waste and lead to having less risk of water contamination.

An optional, and highly recommended, language and cultural week can be provided in Delhi before you begin your volunteering. This gives you language training, cultural awareness training, cooking lessons and the opportunity to visit the tourist hot-spots in Delhi. Also included is a visit to Agra to see the Taj Mahal.


In Palampur, the aim of the medical interns shadowing the local doctors and nurses who work within the hospital is to provide help and gain knowledge and support the local community. The week long cultural and language course prior to the medical internship provides the correct understanding of cultural differences and norms to get used to within the community and the best way to correspond with patients and how to take histories whilst being culturally sensitive towards Indian locals.

We offer key knowledge of how to understand safety and security in the street and in crowded places. For example grasping how the rules of the road as governed; who has right of way and what is considered normal. Appropriate and sensitive dress codes and ways to address people are also informed about. By imparting this information to the medical interns, a fluid and friendly relationship with the local community is manifested. Furthermore, this provides a local insight into life in the city and a great way to get involved with the community structure.

By sending medical volunteers to Palampur, there is a keen interest to help and benefit a community by offering any support. The interns directly aid and impact the locals by examining and helping patients and providing a service and responsibility as a representative of the hospital. Through working and shadowing professionals in the different departments, many people in the local community will be met and treated from all walks of life. Therefore a broad scope of medical practices is available to any medical volunteer. This enhances equality of opportunity in the hospital and boosts medical professionalism.

Only locally employed Indians are used to help the medical volunteers with the running and cleaning of the house and any help with cooking. This privilege is only offered to volunteers on weekdays and weekends volunteers have to cook themselves. However, this scheme provides jobs and money solely for the local community.

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