Climbing in Andalucia, Spain

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13 Nov 2019
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Responsible tourism

Climbing in Andalucia, Spain

Carbon reduction

Your vacation will help support local people and conservation. We must also reduce CO2. Learn about the CO2 emissions of this vacation and how to reduce them.


We always relate tourism in Southern Spain with a sun-and-beach destination, with a mass tourism that looks more for sun and fun than for a way to explore the region's nature and its people in a sustainable way. For us it's not only the coast but also its mountains, this adventure tour takes you through some of the most impressive and interesting landscapes which unfortunately struggle to develop in opposition with the luxury resort sites near other beaches.

As with other climbing tours, we focus especially in all what is there apart from the actual rock climbing, the landscapes, the rural life and the environment. As being aware on how invasive can be the activity of rock climbing we take especial care in guiding and educating travelers on being conscious of this, especially when it comes to waste. We dedicate usually some time after our rock climbing sessions at going through the area and collect all types of waste, our own or whatever, that we find. This way we try not only to reduce our impact but bring a little contribution to the maintenance and cleanness of the area.

It's worth mentioning in this tour that our accommodation is in a rural hostel specially for climbers. A host which already promotes the care for the environment, since their business exists thanks to it. A perfect place for our travelers to share experiences with people with the same interests and environmental concerns.

We study and approach the transportation in this tour in the most environmentally-friendly possible way depending on the number of travelers, choosing between public transport for the transfers or small minivan to accompany the group.

All our partners in Andalusia are part of the Europarc Federation, which means they are officially certified in the conservation and sustainable development of the area's biodiversity.


Our main contribution to the community is to connect profoundly with the rural life and rural communities of Andalusia, leaving aside the mass tourism accommodations by staying in small family-owned rural hostel for climbers.

Our main partner in this tour is an experienced local mountain guide who runs a family business and who is fully dedicated to develop the tourism in the area through the development of all kind of outdoors activities, not only in the rocks and mountains but also in the nearby rivers and lakes. They started with passion and believing on what they do and in a couple of years they have grown and they attract travelers from all over the world. With this we can assure that will leave our customers in safe hands contributing at the same time to the development of local business.

In all our tours we work together with local people, sharing with them good working conditions and collaborating in this way to improve the economy of the place we visit. Apart from that, we think that working with local people is the best way to show our travelers the real local customs. That's why we also try to recommend always local restaurants to our customers and we send them some tips before the trip where we recommend local products and food, collaborating indirectly to improve the local economy as well.

Our choice of this area is mostly due to this commitment with an incredibly beautiful region, El Chorro, with lot of potential and worldwide known, especially for rock climbing. Since the area is already known, there are many other climbers from other countries who came here to set up a business. Our contribution here is to bring a sustainable source of income to the local business.

All our instructors and partners in Andalusia share our concerns on the needs to re-establish the identity of this area and bring and develop gradually a more sustainable type of tourism. And we collaborate with them bringing travelers closer to the roots of Andalusian, showing them that Andalusia is more than just sun and fun and contributing to promote this type of sustainable tourism.

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