Colombia highlights tour, 12 days

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Responsible tourism

Responsible tourism: Colombia highlights tour, 12 days


Waste: We do not contaminate the land, sea, and waterways from rubbish and pollution. In our Colombia tours, it is very important for us to have an attitude of not contaminating the places that we visit with our passengers. We understand that every person that sings into one of our tours is essentially going to also produce contamination. That is why we have trained our guides so that we produce less waste and also that we handle waste in the most appropriate way. We strongly encourage people not to throw rubbish away and we explain why is important to have a respectful attitude to the environment that we are going to visit. Many of the places that we visit are also national parks and protected areas so we are in line with the laws and restrictions that they have and we respect them.

Suppliers: We choose suppliers that match our environmental values. Our suppliers that help us with transportation and other arrangements are people that have experience and match our beliefs on how we have to protect the environment. In the end, if we do not take care of the sites that people visit, then there cannot be a future for these places and for the tourism industry. That is the main reason why the people that work with us are very concerned on how to preserve and sustain the environment. Before approving any supplier that is going to work with us, we always follow a procedure in which we carefully consider many aspects such as price, quality of service but one of the most important aspects is that they match our principles and ideals.


Friends & Neighbors: That people that work together with us in Colombia are local people that know how and where to find all things local. We strongly support and promote the use of local restaurants and hiring local people to the hotels that we use as well as for the activities of our tours. We believe that it is essential to stimulate the Colombian economy and therefore in this tour we use the services from local people that are very well trained on how to treat our guests. In this way, tourism becomes one of the main sources of development in the country and that is how with every traveler can make his/her own contribution.

Local crafts and culture We sustain jobs and cultural diversity by supporting local craft makers and artisans and promoting cultural attractions. Our tour to Colombia is essentially focused on supporting local products and explaining what this means to the people. For example, we visit a place where local coffee is brewed and it is given to the guests. together with an interesting explanation and a taste of the product, we try to stimulate people to buy these products and support the local crafts. The handicrafts and souvenirs also serve as the instruments to demonstrate this support. Our guides and the people that meet our passengers always encourage them to support the community by purchasing something. Colombia is a country that lives of their services and their products such as coffee and other handicrafts so it is the best way to promote development in such environment.

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