Albania walking tour, small group

“A nine-day odyssey through Albania's cultural and natural heritage, exploring national parks, UNESCO sites and historic treasures.”


Tirana | Shkoder | Rozafa Castle | Theth Franciscan Church and Locked-In Tower | Valbone Pass | Mullafci Alpine Pastures | Valbone Valley National Park | Gashi River | Koman Lake Boat Trip | Visit With A Local Family | Church of the Ascension in Mirdita | Berat | Onufri Museum | Kruja

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Responsible tourism

Responsible tourism: Albania walking tour, small group


In partnership with local NGO such as PPNEA and state bodies such as AKZM we are partnering in the monitoring and preservation process of endangered species such as: Brown Bears and Lynx in the Valbona Valley. Currently one of the projects in place has to do with the monitoring process through a network of cameras which are placed throughout the valley and help us better understand the type of wildlife still existing in the Albanian Alps.

We are currently working with the local accommodation providers especially in the Alpine areas to educate them concerning waste management. This is a big problem which is being tackled since the locals were used to through rubbish in the river streams. We are working with them as well to find ways how to best design and manage their toilets since most of them are very primitive and can potentially pollute the environment around them.


Most of our effort evolve toward the education and employment of local staff sourced from the areas we are leading our walking tours. For example in Valbona we are using local farmers to serve as assistant guides. They know very well their area and all trails as well but are unable to communicate in a foreign language. These guides live all year long in the valley and because of the climate, deforestation, subsistent farming and the change in the way of life they look at tourism as another means of income which would contribute in a moderate way as an added income for their families. The same in the valley of Theth, we are using retired teachers to guide locally our groups. In this way we insure that they can look at tourism as another mean of supporting themselves and not leave the valley to work and live in a big city or worse emigrate. Our policy is to always use local guides even though our tourguides know the terrain well and don't need the help of the local guide to lead them.

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