Luxury wilderness Northern Lights vacation, Finland

“A five day, small group vacation staying on the frozen shores of Lake inari in Finnish Lapland. with husky sledding and lots of other winter activities. ”


Wilderness hotel in Finnish Lapland | Lake Inari | Husky sledding | Northern Lights | Aurora camp | Snowmobiling | Panoramic bedroom windows for Northern Lights watching | Adult only boutique hotel

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Responsible tourism

Responsible tourism: Luxury wilderness Northern Lights vacation, Finland


Nangu sits in one of the most pristine wilderness environments in Europe and the owners fully appreciate their responsibilities when it comes to preserving this area.

The lodge has been recently transformed into a boutique hotel but many of the original log structures have formed the new incarnation, wasting as little as possible. All of the new wood is sustainably-sourced and the buildings are all in keeping with their setting and natural environment. The staff and guides at the hotel fully comprehend the requirement for a leave-no-trace policy and waste reduction policies are also in place. The guides who lead the safaris all have the utmost respect for this landscape and instil this in all of their guests.

Snowmobiles are used within the vacation but these machines are the most efficient 4-stroke engines and are far more efficient than using 4 x 4 for transport. The vehicles are all expertly-maintained to ensure they work at the optimum MPG.
The dogs and reindeer visited during the vacation are kept to excellent welfare standards and fully in line with the stringent Finnish legislation.


This region of Finnish Lapland has become more and more reliant on tourism income and the economy locally now relies upon it. The owners of the hotel are a local couple and always endeavour to invest in local young people, training them and providing employment. This really helps to combat the rural to urban shift of young people which can otherwise detrimentally affect such remote areas after traditional industries such as forestry have declined.

The tourist money spent at Nangu remains in the local area. The hotel owners pride themselves on using local furnishing and materials wherever possible in their buildings and local produce is at the forefront of their menus. Guests gain a real insight into local culture this way but also can be assured that the money they spend benefits the local economy via the tourism multiplier effect.

Guests will also be given an appreciation of the traditions and way of life of the indigenous Sámi people whose culture is still very much a part of everyday life here. Through such education, it is hoped that the future survival of this incredible way of life can be preserved.

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