Lake District of Finland and Helsinki family vacation by train

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Responsible tourism

Responsible tourism: Lake District of Finland and Helsinki family vacation by train


This tour takes place by train, which is the most environmentally friendly way to travel. Also the activities are as ecological as possible: cycling, hiking, canoeing and boat tours with other people. In Linnansaari National Park you can see ospreys but also Saimaa ringed seals if you are lucky. It is one of the most endangered species in the world as this seal only lives in lake Saimaa. It is estimated that there are 380 ringed seals left although it has been protected by WWF since 1979. Anyone can participate in their seal program. In Helsinki an equivalent to train is tram, which you will use for moving from one place to another in town. We are using public ferries in getting on the islands. All the Finns and tourists here must sort their waste and take it to sorting stations available everywhere. We and our servic epartners inform our clients, how to act.


Your host couple at the bed & breakfast in Mδntyharju will tell you about their home town and Finnish culture. Just ask and make the Finns talk, they all speak English. You have bicycles so you can cycle around the village and go to places, where the Finns are. If you like, we can add a guided hiking or kayak tour in Repovesi National Park. Your next destination is in Linnansaari National Park but the most interesting local sightseeing is the cafeteria on a hill next to your hotel. It is built of logs found in the bottom of the lake next to it. In Helsinki it is time to take a look at the local history by visiting Suomenlinna Sea Fortress, a Unesco World Heritage site. You will hear about the Swedish era, Russian era and about independent Finland since 1917. All the restaurants, hotels and day tours are run by locals.

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