Alto Alentejo cycling tour in Portugal, self guided

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Alto Alentejo cycling tour in Portugal, self guided

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Your vacation will help support local people and conservation. We must also reduce CO2. Learn about the CO2 emissions of this vacation and how to reduce them.


The Alto Alentejo is a really unspoiled destination and trips such as this are really important for the locals, contributing for more businesses opportunities and jobs.

Cycling is a perfect way to explore our countryside without pollution creating a 0% Co2 emission during your stay in Portugal. Furthermore, we encourage our guests to drink water from the tap and to be environmentally aware, especially with the garbage during the trip; there are several eco points near the populations to separate all the waste.

Our partners staff take active steps to ensure our groups behave in an environmentally responsible manner such as sticking to established trails, not leaving anything behind or removing any plants whilst doing the activities. As an active tourism operator, responsible for all the logistic, we also contribute to minimize this damage using eco engines on our vehicles to transport clients and luggage between the accommodations and airports.


Through our sustainability policies, we support local economies and minimize the social impact of our activities by working with local guides and ensuring there is respect and understanding for local traditions and cultures. By promoting this bike tour, we guarantee that our outdoors adventures through Portugal are environmentally-friendly and provide a greener way to explore communities.

Our philosophy is to show you the most authentic details of Portugal in the most sustainable way possible. In this way we are helping to conserve a rural lifestyle and contribute to the overall sustainable development of the area. For this cycling tour we book accommodations in small villages and places, allowing the client the integration with the owners and their families that also live there or simple to take the option of relaxing on these unique places. Using our cycling vacation tours we support the local economy by booking directly with local accommodations.

On this tour we always recommend the typical restaurants that serve traditional dishes that focus on our “upstanding” local gastronomy, wine included because the Alentejo is also a wine producing region with a long tradition. The distinct characteristics of the soils – granite, limestone, Mediterranean or schist, the long hours of sun exposure and a group of selected grape varieties enable high quality production, combined with the ability to preserve the tradition of flavor, while innovating in the art of wine making.

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