Bali and Komodo small ship cruise

“Here be dragons. This is an amazing opportunity to see Komodo dragons, and a bit of Bali, too – all with great deserted beaches along the way. That’s the beauty of this eight day cruise in Indonesia.”


Benoa Port, Bali | Saringi and Keramat Island | Satonda Island | Banta Island | Rinca Island | Komodo Island | Moyo Island Pamanang Port | Lombok | See komodo dragons | Optional activities include snorkelling | Optional excursions on Moyo, Komodo and Lombok

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Responsible tourism

As the pioneers of responsible tourism, we screen every trip so you can travel knowing your vacation will help support conservation and local people.

According to WWF there are just 6,000 Komodo dragons alive today, but only 350 of these are breeding females. They are a major attraction for tourists and it is hoped that this will help with their conservation by providing funds and also employment for the local population. They are listed as 'vulnerable' in the IUCN Red List of Threatened Species. Komodo Dragons are restricted to just 3 small islands, Komodo, Flores and Rinca. During our visit we will be guided by park rangers who make sure that there is no habitat degradation due to tourism, and that you are kept safe.

This is a sailing vacation which can be very environmentally friendly when managed in the right way. Sail power has very obvious benefits, vastly reducing the carbon used in any form of travel. Although we cannot use the sails all the time and in all conditions, they do provide a welcome benefit.

Any rubbish generated on board (we minimise this) is returned ashore and disposed in an appropriate manner.

All the food on board is bought locally; fruit vegetables, plenty of fish, meat and other staples are all locally grown and produced, and much of it is bought from small retailers or even directly from the grower or fisherman.

The Impacts of this Trip

We will endeavour to maximise the benefits of tourism and to minimise or eradicate any downside, socially, environmentally & economically. We will encourage our passengers to learn and understand as much as possible about the local traditions and way of life to enable them to appreciate the reality of life in Indonesia.

Our visit to Komodo provides employment for the local community as park rangers. We also visit Moyo Island where we again hire some local guides to show us around the nature reserve and its diverse wildlife.

We encourage all our passengers to engage with the local community on a social and economic level to ensure that this tourism has a benefit to both the visitors and the hosts.

The ship’s managers will buy as much of their produce as possible from local communities, and will also encourage our passengers to spend money in the communities that we visit. By trying local fruit juice for example instead of a well known American brand of soft drink, you wull support the economy, it will be better for you and who knows, you might find you enjoy it more too.


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