Spitsbergen short break

“Three days to explore Spitsbergen, traveling by boat to spot wildlife, see glaciers and visit a mining town, staying in a remote boutique hotel.”


Longyearbyen | Isfjord Radio Adventure Hotel | Explore by boat | Spot wildlife | Bird cliffs of Alkehornet | Esmark Glacier | Four course dinners | Sea swimming and saunas | Grønfjorden | Russian settlement at Barentsburg

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“We went down a valley between two mountains, so not a vast open space. But it was beautiful. And it was twilight when we went out and dark on the way out.”

Responsible tourism

Spitsbergen short break

Carbon reduction

Your vacation will help support local people and conservation. We must also reduce CO2. Learn about the CO2 emissions of this vacation and how to reduce them.


Meeting polarbears when traveling to Spitsbergen is one of the highlights. It’s not only a dangerous predator, but also vulnerable and illegal to hunt. In the area around Isfjord Radio you may see the polar bear even in summer time. The polar bears have adjusted the lack of sea ice, and keep in this area even when it is no ice. We follow the philosophy that we as humans are visitors to the Arctic, this is polarbear land and we adjust to them instead of the other way around. That means that we take our safety precautions, and we do not disturb the polar bear unless it is for safety reasons.
The area around Isfjord Radio is a bird sanctuary form May-August.

Our boats are equipped with energy saving propellers, and we use lead free fuel. At the radio station we take short walk in the area, the same when we visit the Russian settlement Barentsburg.

Climate: The evidence of climate change is perhaps no more apparent than in the Arctic. As a part of our efforts to be climate neutral, there will be an additional climate investment charge of NOK 250 per guest. This is donated in its entirety to forestry project in Masai Mara, Kenya.


Friends and neighbours:
Isfjord Radio Adventure Hotel are supplied by the local trapper with reindeer and seal, and we serve locally fished cod or arctic char. We aim to use as much as we can from local resources, instead of importing.
We also visit Barentsburg on our way, the Russian mining town with 350 inhabitatns. We get to see the city, visit sights and learn the history of the city until today's modern socity.

A fair deal:
We employ staff with the aim to avoid short-term contracts and season work. Seaons in Spitsbergen are very different with different level of activity. Over the past years we have more staff in fixed, long-term contracts, for a more sustainable company and destination. Our guides have annual training and education to ensure quality, motivation and safety for the guests. Glaciers in particular is important on this trip, the glaciers change every year and good knowledge is therefore a must. We educate our guides and hosts with this in mind. The company also have possibility for staff to apply for education support paid from the company.

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