Plastic free handicraft vacation in Puglia, Italy

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Single use plastic-free:
In Puglia single-use-plastic is one of the worst pollutants especially for coastal environments: plastic bags, dishes and bottles wash ashore and have to be picked up from the beach. Others pollute the sea beds having serious consequences for our marine eco-systems.
On this tour we have chosen ethically-minded partners who feel the same as us about eradicating the need for single use plastics:
The hotel that guests will stay in has actively discarded it in their rooms and restaurants where you will find porcelain storage jars, glass dishes, wooden-weaved baskets, linens and metal cutlery etc.
The restaurants we take guests to are the same, with a focus on sourcing and using seasonal, local produce from famers and markets minimising transport miles and import packaging of any kind (crates and boxes are commonly used for delivery).
The artisans that guests will visit include terracotta craftsmen, pasta makers and shirt-makers, all of whom are working along traditional craft lines, creating and selling objects handmade from natural ingredients & materials.
Bottles & bags:
We invite guests to bring a reusable bag and water bottle with them to refill or we will distribute fabric bags and glass bottles where needed
We host an introduction evening when guests arrive explaining where and how to avoid using single use plastics in Puglia. By sharing our knowledge of the local area, we hope to encourage collaboration between guests and local suppliers who care about combating the use of throw away plastics.

Responsible tourism

Responsible tourism: Plastic free handicraft vacation in Puglia, Italy


We operate all our trips with full respect of the environment, and this extends to our back office where we reduce as much as possible including resource consumption and waste.

On this vacation we make a special effort to avoid the usage of single-use-plastic, trying to ensure a whole throw away plastic-free journey. We have spoken to a number of suppliers in the area and selected only partners, who are environment friendly and committed to reducing, and eradicating throw away plastic.

- The hotel that guests staying has been working on this for years - everything at breakfast, in the restaurant and the rooms is served in porcelain jars, glass dishes, and wooden weaved bowls. Table clothes are linen and metal cutlery is always used as opposed to plastic. Their commitment has resulted in their obtaining the European Ecolabel for tourist accommodation

- All the restaurants we eat at too just use porcelain, glass dishes, and metal cutlery on their tables. Local ingredients are usually sourced from markets or local farmers cutting down the need for transportation and import packaging. All meals on this trip are based on using seasonal local food which both minimises transport and helps support traditional farming and biodiversity in the area.

This trip also focuses on traditional artisans who are helping their local communities by keeping traditional skills alive and creating and selling objects in natural materials. Terracotta craft is one such example. They also know that paper and cardboard cartons are valid packaging material.

Furthermore we will distribute fabric bags and glass bottles that can be reused to guests on the trip and explain in the introduction evening, where and how to avoid the use of single-use-plastic objects, sharing our local knowledge of the area.

In general we will demonstrate that the longer time you have in your life, the higher the possibility of making a real impact when it comes to eradicating the use single-use-plastic!

Beyond those aims, we reduce driving distances to the essential, minimising travel carbon emissions while enabling guests to visit a variety of landscapes and experiences.


As a small size local tour operator, we are passionate and enthusiastic about our region, offering journeys that benefit both local communities as well as our guests.

We are convinced that conversations about craftsmanship (terracotta, taralli, shirt-production) can facilitate interactions between guests and local people as a path for intellectual enrichment in both directions.

Moreover during this journey we can show how easy it can be to live single-use plastic free, replacing one-use products (plastic bag, bottle and so on) with other reusable objects. This is how people in the area have lived for hundreds of years, and many still retain the traditional practices of generations before them which we hope can become fashionable once again.

We also hope to support the traditional economy, helping our guests to enjoy the charm and stories of old crafts and helping to support our crafters to keep creating.

In general we only collaborate with local companies and local guides to guarantee a sustainable income for them from tourism.

During the last decades, the flow of tourists in Puglia has increased and today it is difficult for travelers, especially for foreigners, to distinguish between touristy places from the shops and restaurants favorited by locals, as we do. By staying away from areas of mass tourism, we try to reduce the over tourism of certain towns by taking our guests to the lesser known locations and helping local restaurants that visitors might not have heard of benefit from our guests patronage.

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