Tanazania safari vacation, Serengeti trails

“Six day tailor made itinerary in north Tanzania featuring daily game drives in a couple of East Africa's best loved and wildlife-packed national parks: the Serengeti and Ngorongoro.”


Ngorongoro Crater | Serengeti National Park | Lake Manyara | Great Rift Valley | Animals you can expect to see include: giraffes, zebras, elephants, gazelles, hippos, lions, wildebeest and monkeys |

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This trip can be tailor made throughout the year to suit your requirements

Responsible tourism

Tanazania safari vacation, Serengeti trails

Carbon reduction

Your vacation will help support local people and conservation. We must also reduce CO2. Learn about the CO2 emissions of this vacation and how to reduce them.


Responsible tourism is a core responsibility and emphasis of conservation is not negotiable as this is the only way we can conserve the environment for future generations in a sustainable way. During the entire safari, the guide is encouraged to brief you on the following points:

- No littering or throwing garbage out of the vehicle; this help in keeping the park clean and everything you don't need should be put the seat pockets. Driver guide will dispose at the lodge who have better way dispose the garbage.
- No feeding on wild animals. This keeps them naturals in their natural habitat.
- No off-loading driving off the designated tracks especially in parks
- Animals have the right of the way and should never block their way; you are the intruder in their territory
- In the parks, our guides exhibit utmost respect for wildlife and nature by ensuring that they strictly adhere to park rules and regulations as well as our internal Travel Code. For example, we keep a respective distance from wildlife, we do not stampede game, minimize on noise as well as respect other visitors.

Our overall goal is to ensure the long term sustainability of the environment which is also the sure way to ensure our own business survival


Human-wildlife conflicts is something that must be dealt with as the population increases in order to reduce competition and encourage conservation.

This cannot be achieved unless the local communities around conservation areas benefit from it. Being aware of this, we have policies and projects that benefits the local communities:
- We are very particular on the lodges and tented camp we use and all must have more than 50% of their employees as locals with little impact on the environment like way they dispose the wastes as well support local social amenities/projects like schools
- We encourage all our itineraries include cultural tour in the local villages around the parks. This help the community to benefit from fee they charged and sell their artifacts to visitors thus improving their way of life.

- We also have donations to local schools and hospitals and we also encourage visitors to support by donating what they can. This helps the entire community appreciate and benefit from tourism and tourists visiting their areas thus encouraging them to conserve their natural heritage.

- It is important to note that local communities surrounding park formed group ranches which help them benefit greatly from resources gotten from tourism like park fees, though collected by government, a certain percentage is paid to group ranches that divide it to locals.

- Communities around parks like Serengeti have conserved their land by forming conservancies/ranches which serve as migratory corridors for most animals and which have attracted investors who have built camps and lodges there. From this, the local benefit from leasing their land, park fees paid directly to them by tourists visiting their areas and camping fees

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