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Responsible tourism: Malta rock climbing vacation


As with other climbing tours, we focus especially on what is there apart from the actual rock climbing, so the landscapes, the rural life and the environment. For us, climbing across Malta in small groups is the best way of exploring the island without leaving a negative tourism impact. As being aware on how invasive can be the activity of rock climbing we take special care in guiding and educating travelers on being conscious of this, especially when it comes to waste.

We dedicate usually some time after our rock climbing sessions to going through the area and collecting all types of waste, our own or whatever, that we find. This way we try not only to reduce our impact but bring a little contribution to the maintenance and cleanness of the area.

It's worth mentioning in this tour that we will visit different rock climbing areas during the whole tour, giving our travelers the opportunity to explore different parts of the island, which each have different environmental care needs and we guide them as to the unique needs of each environment in order to ensure we minimize our tourism impact. For example where there are birds nesting or wildlife we may encounter, we ensure we keep safe distances so as not to disturb them when climbing.


Our choice of this island in opposition with other more popular climbing destinations is mostly due to our commitment to this incredibly beautiful region and we feel that by coming here we are not only promoting it as a climbing destination but are also channeling resources into local communities, especially beneficial to those in rural locations who might not ordinarily benefit from tourism.

Apart from our contribution with the design of the itinerary we also make great efforts when selecting our staff and collaborators. We always choose to work with local people, if possible from the place we visit. In this case our main partner is a group of young entrepreneurs who are committed to the environment and who are willing and fully dedicated to develop an area that is not known outside the region for rock climbing, through the development of all kind of outdoors activities. They started capturing the attention of the other localities in the area and are now attracting travelers from the rest of the country which has had a very beneficial effect on their community.

While partnering with locals we contribute to promote rock climbing as a tool for local development for local communities who live in the island.

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