Family canoeing vacation in Poland

US $699 excluding flights
4 Days
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Tailor made - from May to October FAMILY DISCOUNT CONDITIONS - minimum age of children: 4 y.
o. - family discount 10% if 2 adults and 2 children up 12 y.
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Description of Family canoeing vacation in Poland


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US $699 excluding flights
Tailor made - from May to October FAMILY DISCOUNT CONDITIONS - minimum age of children: 4 y.
o. - family discount 10% if 2 adults and 2 children up 12 y.
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This trip can be tailor made throughout the year to suit your requirements

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Canoeing/kayaking is one of the most popular family activity in Poland. As there are plenty of beautiful and wild rivers spreading on the Polish lowlands, it quickly became clear that people will explore them. It also appears to be the most pro-ecologic way of spending free time with the wild nature.

We rent kayaks made of nature-friendly materials, solid and unsinkable, equipped with the necessary features such as bag holds. A tourist can carry a bag when kayaking and it doesn't need any special bag transfer. The routes are ple-planned so that they don't invade any fragile areas.

When camping you have a separate areas with all the necessary equipment such as dust bins, fireplaces, and basic furniture (if available).
Camping is nature-friendly as it doesn't require any house constructions to be set up, just a small roofed shelters, to take cover if it's heavy raining.

We also use guest houses. They are family-run only. They are prepared for canoers so that there is always a pier in the river or a special river bank so that you can store your kayak during the night. They always offer fine local meals.

During the trip we use water-refill containers. No plastic bottles are allowed as it may easily be dropped to the water and flow with the stream. It is a very important issue as such dropped items are vey difficult to catch when in the water.

We also recommend taking as small baggage as possible as it is much more convenient to have a light canoe. If the canoe is too heavy it may cause more damage when accidentally hitting some natural obstacles which appear very often on the route.

We cooperate with canoe rentals. In order to reduce car transportation we try to choose those which are located in the close distance from the starting and disembarkment posts.


In the close vicinity, there used to be a Soviet military base, so for the long time this region was partially unavailable for tourism. It changed when the base was closed and soldiers left it. It took some time to restore the local economy, revive the tourism and mak it an important economical factor for the region.

It is crucial for our trips to support local communities as much as possible. We want to share its beauty with tourists from abroad, and show how to keep the balance between commercial activity and saving the nature.

We always use local services for canoe rentals, accommodation and food/beverage.

Local guesthouses are always family-run. They hire people from the region, and provide meals based on local, fresh ingredients. As the rivers are very clean, their water fauna is abundant. Local meals in guest houses often consist of fresh fish caught in the rivers or lakes. As this is also a rural area, many ingredients come directly from local farmers. We also encourage guest houses staff to serve locally brewed drinks and juices.

Meals are never served on plastic dishes in guesthouses., however during the camps we use paper dishes. They cannot be heavy, so that they are easy to transport, as well they are also easier to recycle.

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