Peru vacation for solo travelers

“Spend nine days exploring Peru’s cultural and natural highlights, along with a group of like minded travelers and an expert tour leader.”


Lima | Cuzco | Aguas Calientes | Sacred Valley | Machu Picchu | Puno | Lake Titicaca | Uros floating islands
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Small group adventure vacation

This is a 'small group adventure' - on this particular group trip you'll be with a maximum of 31 like minded travelers and you'll have a group leader with you. Whether you are traveling alone or with friends it's good value, and a great way to meet new people! While itineraries are pre-planned there is some flexibility and you'll have plenty of privacy. This trip will appeal to travelers of all ages who enjoy meeting people from other parts of the world as well as seeing new places!

Responsible tourism

Responsible tourism: Peru vacation for solo travelers


Throughout the trip you will also be encouraged to take steps to ensure that your journey is as environmentally responsible as possible.

Your group leader will be on hand to assist with the appropriate disposal of rubbish en route, recycling wherever possible and we encourage all group members to travel with refillable water bottles with purification tablets rather than purchasing plastic water bottles daily.

We will travel using local transport where ever possible, from the train journey through the mountains to Aguas Calientes, to the local bus we travel on between Cuzco and Puno. We are very aware of the negative effect carbon emissions have on our environment and as such operate a carbon neutral policy on all our trips, this adventure through Peru being no different. As a company we offset the ground emissions of all our passengers on all our trips, equating to 244kgs of carbon offset per passenger, per departure on this tour.


The very ethos of our style of travel is responsible; small groups on fully escorted tours, experiencing the very best of a region, a culture and a landscape, with a friendly local hand guiding the way. Our itineraries are designed to give our travelers real life experiences without compromising the part of the world we are exploring; to travel responsibly is at the heart of our commitment as a global tour operator.

Journey with us on this tour through Peru and you can be confident not only that you will see some of the country’s most iconic sites, but also that you will be on a vacation designed to cause minimal impact to the region. Working with the concept of low impact and hopefully positive impact tourism, our tour will support local businesses; direct money spent back into regional economies rather than towards bigger organisations and will tread carefully from an environmental perspective.

On this trip you’ll travel like a local, and immerse yourself in Peruvian life. You’ll head out to local restaurants to try traditional ceviche, visit a local community in the Sacred Valley to discover more about lifestyle in the area and should it be market day, hone your bartering skills with local artisans and pick up some great souvenirs. Throughout this trip we do everything we can to ensure that the financial benefits from our travels find their way to local businesses and community initiatives. We stay in smaller, often locally owned properties and tend to favour traditional, often family run restaurants when dining together; great for sampling traditional local specialities! During your visit to Lake Titicaca, we’ll stay as the guest of local families in a basic mudbrick house. Spending time with our hosts there will be a chance to put the small amount of Quechua into practise that you are sure to have picked up and it’s a memorable overnight visit in a very special place.

Our staff ‘on the ground’ are all recruited locally, from your tour leader who will accompany your group throughout, the drivers we use on the few occasions we are traveling in private vehicles (in the Scared Valley for example), to the local site guides we use at Machu Picchu. Using locals not only supports economies by creating employment in country, but it also gives you, our traveler some unique insights into Peru that you just don’t get from ‘outsiders’. We believe that local knowledge really does go a long way.

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