Wheelchair accessible Kerala tour in India

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Responsible tourism

As the pioneers of responsible tourism, we screen every trip so you can travel knowing your vacation will help support conservation and local people.

No plastic: Where ever its possible we use refillable bottles for water consumption. We make sure the water is filtered except that it comes in Big Refillable Cans. Thus minimize usage of single usage plastic. While shopping also we provide cloth / reusable bags to our travelers so that they dont have to use single use plastic bags.

No litter: Whenever we are out in nature, we make sure that all our waste is collected and processed through appropriate channels and disposed off in an environment friendly manner.

No animal rides: We do not promote or sell animal rides like elephant rides, camel or horse rides. We instead take our travelers to an elephant rescue center or a bear rescue center to spread awareness about the cruelty that exists against animals and their wonderful rescue stories.

Sustainable Properties: We prefer properties which have implemented zero waste policy as much as possible. Where rain water harvesting and recycling are a way of life.

Least carbon footprint: We also use vehicles or media of transport(of course we make sure that its accessible for each disability) which has the least carbon footprint.

In Thekaddy, Komarakom and Kochi we use specifically CGH Earth properties who are a pioneer in implementing Responsible Tourism practices at all their properties. They all are completely plastic free with refillable dated glass bottles for water consumption, refillable pottery vases for toiletries and old newspapers as envelopes. They also are self sustainable in rain water harvesting and their waste management. Protecting fragile ecosystems, they conserve the local flora and fauna and take measures to save water and energy.

They do not discharge any waste from the boats into the lake and work with local governing bodies to educate and spread the message of good environmental practices.

In Thekaddy we showcase to our guests processes of recycling of water, solid waste management, solar energy and organic farming. They can also have a hands-on exposure on creating paper from waste.

The Impacts of this Trip

We always make sure to benefit the local communities through our travels. Whether its offering unique experiences to the travelers by taking them to local artisans and witness the art forms being made and getting the artisans paid for showcasing their work. This helps the artisans not to abandon their native villages/towns and art forms and stay and practice the same. Or else these art forms would be lost somewhere in history.
This conservation of art forms plays a big role in our responsible tourism practices because every state in India has a different culture, tradition and innumerable art forms and languages which would go obsolete if we don’t preserve it now.

We prefer to use homestays or traditional old houses or bungalows (of course we have to keep accessibility of the place in mind) which imbibe the local culture of the destination and often are family run. This helps in heritage and cultural conservation at the bottom line.

Working with local communities: At all our travel destinations we work with local people for the very reason that they know their habitat the best and we do not want them to move to bigger cities in search for employment. We employ for our tourism projects and train them as per global service standards so that they have a source of income at their native place itself. And India being such a diverse country and every state having a totally different language and culture and tradition, it makes perfect sense to work with the people who are natives as they would be able to provide the most authentic experiences.

The village life experience in Kerala is with the RT Mission, an initiative of Kerala to promote responsible tourism in the state. The initiative is also the recipient of UNWTO Ulysses award for innovation in public policy and governance apart from the WTM Award and many national awards.
The Mission is envisaged with a 'triple-bottom-line' mission which comprises economic, social and environmental responsibilities. Making tourism a tool for the development of village and local communities, eradicating poverty and giving emphasis to women empowerment are the main aims of the Responsible Tourism Mission. The mission aspires to provide an additional income and a better livelihood to farmers, traditional artisans, and marginalized people along with creating a social and environmental equilibrium.
We experience these practices in motion in Kumarakom, Kovalam and Thekaddy.

Every CGH property, while bearing its own distinct identity, has a local address that makes it one with the region - its rich landscapes, the people who live there and their distinct ways of life!

Your vacation experiences will become an extension of the life of the villages and towns where each resort is located. They are designed to sharpen your vision and heighten your understanding of the intricacies of each community around you as you get immersed in their warmth, colour, diversity and wisdom.


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