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Responsible tourism: Tanzania family safari & beach vacation


The company that organises this vacation is a multi-award-winning responsible travel company. They try to ensure that nothing they do at home (in UK) or abroad compromises the environment or wildlife or exploits people. They believe in ensuring that travelers are well-informed, as an informed traveler tends to be a more respectful and sensitive traveler. They also believe in giving back to the country, people wildlife and environments which are affected by tourism. Tanzania as a country, brought into law that single use plastic bags will be banned as of June 2019 and that producers and suppliers must dispose of their stock responsibly by that date.

The UK head office has a good policy of recycling, reducing and re-using (electricity, paper, plastic etc). They also buy only fair-trade goods such as tea, coffee, and use biodegradable detergents etc. They also make a point of buying only top eco-rated equipment (e.g. monitors).

In Tanzania, this vacation is operated by an award-winning ground operator who promote responsible travel at the highest level. They are leaders in the development of some of the most notable and enduring positive social and environmental impacts on Kilimanjaro and other mountains and wild places in Tanzania, as well as in Arusha where they are based. These positive impacts include the following:

They have establishment and continued development of the Arusha Bicycle Centre, a social enterprise opened in August 2015 to promote the growth of the bicycle in Arusha as a means of transport and sport. They’ve already sold over 2,000 bikes in 2016 from the bike center, located next to their office in Arusha. All of the profits of this endeavour go to the growth and development of competitive cycling in Tanzania. They are passionate about social investment, green transport and likewise about the development of competitive sport in Tanzania.

Leave No Trace environmental ethics – Leave no trace is a motto they take seriously; all the guides and core crew are trained on these principles as laid out by the Centre for Outdoor Ethics. Leave No Trace provides research, education and initiatives so every person who ventures outside can protect and enjoy our world responsibly. They have 7 principles in relation to leaving the areas as you find them, minimising camp fire impact, respecting nature around you, correct waste disposal. All in all, plan, prepare and be considerate in your actions to the environment as a whole.

Environmental Stewardship – They spend a bit more to offset their carbon foot print with Carbon Tanzania who invest in innovative, people focused forest conservation solutions.

They train their staff in sustainability practices, buy sustainable charcoal made from discarded coconut husks and recycle their waste. They look for creative ways to protect the environment and be eco-friendly while maintaining high levels of comfort for our guests.

Breezes Beach Club and Spa use solar water heating systems. This minimises their carbon footprint. They have a state-of-the-art sewage treatment plant, where black and grey waters are recycled and used for irrigation and have implemented water saving initiatives, which include the reuse of linen and towels as well as the installation of low-flow faucets and showerheads.

The Zanzibar Collection has pledged to abolish one-way plastic across its properties as far as possible. At present all lunch boxes have been replaced with cardboard boxes, all plastic straws have been phased out and take-away glasses and cups are replaced with paper cups. The Zanzibar Collection favours drinks bottled in glass. Drinking water is unfortunately not available in glass bottles but it is served in carafes refilled from recyclables water containers. The company is committed to finding suitable alternatives to the bottled water in the mini bar fridges. The plastic bottles which are still used are recycled as flower pots in our nursery garden and are also used as construction material for sheds and other back of house structures.

By eating locally and seasonally, the fruits and vegetables served in the hotel are diverse. This also reduces air miles on some items. By using local produce, this has led to a to more sustainable and healthier offering to its guests and creates opportunities for them to experience a greater connection to the area through the provision of local dishes.

As a multi-award-winning responsible travel company. Every person that travels with this company automatically has their flights carbon offset. This is done through The Travel Forest. The Travel Forest plants indigenous trees to offset the carbon emissions produced when you fly on vacation. Whilst this is the primary motivation for planting the trees, the project also works as a poverty alleviation scheme and aims to combat environmental degradation


In terms of information, all travelers are given guidelines on Traveling with Respect, which includes advice on cultural aspects of your travels as well as protecting the environment. For any community-owned or run project, they also have a Community Tourism Information sheet for travelers to help explain how to get the best from the experience, and what to expect (good and bad). For trekkers, the company have a Porter Policy in place, a copy of which is given to clients. They also have a Responsible Wildlife Viewing guide too. For anything more specific, e.g. rules about visiting gorillas, this information is also given to clients. In addition, they offer more information about the native people and cultures in a destination country, which all adds to a traveler being more aware.

The company works with partners on the ground in each destination, and only uses local guides. They also primarily promote locally-owned services (hotels etc). They have eco-rated about 300 properties worldwide which they work with closely, so they are very clear which accommodations have good environmental and social responsibility credentials. This information is used to ensure that any traveler wanting to ensure they are really making a difference, can choose between one property and another on eco-issues.

Our partner for this vacation is no different. Not only are their programmes designed to protect the environment, but they have programmes such as the Porters Project. They have a close collaboration with KPAP (the Kilimanjaro Porters Assistance Project), where they have been the catalyst and central protagonist in making ethical porter treatment standards take hold on Mount Kilimanjaro. Their work with KPAP has ‘trailblazed’ the way as the leading example of porter treatment standards on Kili by practicing fair working conditions, honesty and transparency. Eight years later, they are the recognized leader in creating and affecting change in revolutionizing how Kilimanjaro porters are chosen, outfitted, treated, paid and tipped. Also, they take training, education and skills development seriously, and they are developing leaders with responsible travel. The guides and management are trained and certified as Wilderness First Responders, Leave No Trace mentors, and stand-out members of their communities. The company’s dedication to develop responsible leaders and professionals is well-documented and a daily commitment they make. Their staff are amongst the best-paid in the tourism industry in Tanzania, and they are trained, encouraged, and incentivized to hold themselves to the highest standards of professionalism and leadership.

Breezes Beach Club and Spa from the Zanzibar Collection decided to employ local people to work in the hotel from the outset. To date, 90% of the workforce throughout the entire Zanzibar Collection of hotels come from the local villages - from Zanzibar and Tanzania. Employment opportunities are always offered first to those living in the area.

The Zanzibar Collection is heavily involved with the local community and its support has led to the building of a Maternity and Neo Natal Clinic in the local village and it also provides much needed medical supplies. They actively encourage their guests to visit the local village of Bwejuu and discover how it supports the community through education, healthcare and clean water.
The Zanzibar Collection was the first to bring electricity to this area of the island. Through their persistence, the introduction of electricity changed this area enormously as it allowed the developments of roads and overall infrastructure, which lead to consistent employment and income.

Many of the artefacts and beautiful furniture that is seen in the hotels across The Zanzibar Collection are handcrafted by local craftsmen and women celebrating traditions and skills that have been passed from generation to generation. Sourcing items locally rather than from abroad, provides much-needed income to the local community. Many items are reclaimed, adhering to the policies of reduce, reuse, recycle rather than purchasing new.

The company backs a charity with funds and administration. This is a registered UK charity whose principle aim is to relieve the poverty of indigenous communities in areas outside of the UK which are affected by tourism. The charity backs poverty alleviation, education, cultural preservation and conservation projects within these regions. It has backed schools, clinics, micro-business projects and more. It is a charity we encourage our travelers to donate to if they would like to give something back.

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