Western Europe tour for under 30s

“An 11 day adventure exploring some of Western Europeís top highlights, along with a group of like minded young travelers and an experienced local tour leader.”


Barcelona | Avignon | Paris | Amsterdam | Berlin

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Western Europe tour for under 30s

Carbon reduction

Your vacation will help support local people and conservation. We must also reduce CO2. Learn about the CO2 emissions of this vacation and how to reduce them.


This Barcelona to Berlin trip runs entirely on public transport. We use trains to cover large areas of Europe, meaning traveling through six countries on the most environmentally-friendly mode of transport. Train travel is considered sustainable because of its low CO2 emissions, low-level energy consumption, best use of space and relatively low noise pollution. Other examples of where we travel on public transport include taking the Metro to our hotels in Avignon and Paris, as well as exploring Amsterdam using the tram. Itís important to note that most of hotels we stay in are situated close to the city center, museums, art galleries and other attractions. Consequently, the amount of traveling required to get to them is minimal.

Minimising waste is very important. Itís impossible to reduce it to zero of course, but we encourage our clients to think about the products they use. We always suggest reusable water bottles as in all the cities we travel to on this trip as finding drinking water isnít a problem. We also give out reusable bags at the start of each trip. Our travelers then use them on an everyday basis, whether theyíre shopping for souvenirs or just carrying around their everyday essentials.


While traveling through Barcelona, Avignon, Paris, Amsterdam and Berlin youíre almost certain to notice one thing Ė lots of tourists. And itís no wonder, as these places are on everyoneís bucket list! Beautifully charming, quirky, full of character and history, packed with great restaurants, art galleries and some of the best shopping centers in the world. But thereís one thing to remember Ė there are local people who have to go about their everyday life in these destinations too and we do what we can to make sure our groups have a minimal impact on that.Starting with the size of the group. We travel in small packs with a maximum of 16 travelers (12 on average). Making us different to big coaches with 40+ travelers flooding one attraction at the time.

We always include or suggest activities that are typical of a particular destination. Locals know best and so on this tour you can expect tapas crawls in Barcelona, cycling trips in Amsterdam and learning about history in Berlin. We also teach our travelers a few basic phrases in the local language, as a way of showing respect to our given destination. As well as advising them on how to dress when visiting churches or other religious sites. One more thing we try and do is schedule our departures so that we donít arrive in the most popular places over a weekend, when there are already enough visitors.

Supporting local suppliers is part of our philosophy. It may seem difficult to avoid big hotel, supermarket and restaurant chains whilst traveling through major European cities, but we manage it. Instead opting to stay in small family-run guesthouses, shop at local markets and eat in traditional restaurants.

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