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Responsible tourism

Responsible tourism: London to Istanbul cycling tour


We provide electronic copies of our 'Welcome Pack' versus printed versions, and we offer electronic digital maps to our clients.
Any hard copy maps for clients on the tour is printed on recycled paper and all paper products are recycled. This is the same process for receipts, we always ask for electronic copies.

Your cycling jersey will be produced by Owayo, a German based company with a reputable and robust environmental practice. Including paperless offices, made to measure and ordered jerseys, energy efficient offices, and a use of fabrics where they can ensure the origin for all fabrics used within a product.

Both our equipment suppliers, Marin and Thule, have a rigorous social and environmental policies, which benefit their local and worldwide environment resulting in eco-friendly production and sustainability. All our local suppliers en route are given a copy of our Responsible Travel policy to make them aware of their environmental responsibilities and duties.

Transport and Energy:
On our Journeys we only have one vehicle, the rest of the travel is done using human power, resulting in a low carbon footprint for our travel. We also encourage our clients following their flight home, to practice carbon reduction, for example walking, cycling or public transport, versus lone driving in a car.

In our workshops and on each Journey, we only use biodegradable oils, lubes and degreasers. Any worn and usable inner tubes and tyres are disposed of through a local bicycle shop recycling programme.

Any route which goes onto gravel trail or into wooded areas, we remind you to stick to the designated path, so not to disturb the local ecosystem.

Waste and Water:
While on tour we have a small water tank in our support vehicle which gets filled from the B+B in the morning. Clients water bottles are then refilled from here, versus buying plastic bottles. We encourage clients to recycle any snacks and drinks bought on Journey and the support van has even has its own coffee keep cups and metal straws, to avoid single use takeaway coffee cups and plastic straws, respectively.


Local Community:
On our Asian Gateway we stay in local bed and breakfasts, and use small local restaurants to help promote and encourage small business development. In some cases the small family run bed and breakfasts grow their own produce on site, or they visit the local market in the morning.
During your Journey you will be given opportunities to also support local crafts and culture at various markets, which we encourage.

Group Size:
Our maximum group size is 10, this ensures we can stay in small family run hotels and restaurants, along with ensuring we are not having a negative impact on the local community due to large traveler numbers.

Recycle and Support:
When our cycle guides bikes have reached the end of their shelf life and no longer appropriate for work. We take advantage of the ‘Re-Cycle’ project which donates old bikes to individuals in Africa. A superior social and environmental option versus taking the bike to a landfill. All staff and clients are made aware of this project, and advised to consider this option in the future. Details of where to drop your old bike, and how the scheme work can be found at:

Traveling with Respect:
In your 'Welcome Pack' we explain our 10 Rules for the Road, which we aim to ensure you, and your countries host have a positive experience during the Journey. These include being an ambassador for your country, and respecting the host country we are visiting with regards to the environment and culture. No foul language to be used, no physical or verbal assault to anyone and no littering.

Supporting Beginner Cyclists:
Away from the Camino trip Richard, the owner of our company is a British Cycling Ride Leader, who volunteers with local rides whose aim is to encourage beginner cyclists in a safe environment on their leaded rides.
We also encourage through our social media platforms, a healthy mental and physical lifestyle to everyone by keeping active.

We strive for an equal and diverse range of permanent cycle guides within our company With an equal balance of gender, and where possible a mix of background.

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