Trail running vacation in Finland

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Departure information

This trip can be tailor made and can be arranged to depart between 15th May - 30th September

Responsible tourism

As the pioneers of responsible tourism, we screen every trip so you can travel knowing your vacation will help support conservation and local people.

Most of our cooking is plant based, with vegetables, berries and mushrooms of the season, and with Finnish sustainable protein sources. The last years there has been a big introduction of new plant-based protein sources made mostly of oats, fave beans, and green peas that all grow well in our climate. We want to do our part to encourage this development and also encourage our clients for healthy and responsible food choices.
Also local fish is a big part of our diet. Fish we serve is caught by ourselves or by the local fishermen. In our municipality, like in the whole Finland, more than ten percent of the area consist of lakes and rivers. Fish stocks in Finland waters are healthy; there are only a few endangered species, and those we never serve. All the fish we serve are found on the green list of WWF Finland's seafood guide.
Meat we serve quite rarely. When meat is on the menu, it is either beef or lamb, both locally raised with grass-grazing methods.

Finland has a very developed recycling system, and we take the most out of it. Metal, glass, paper, carton packages and plastic are all recycled separately for efficient reuse. Bio waste is composted at our own premises and used for gardening.

Accommodation is an old forest workers log cabin, which is also the home of the company owner. We prefer not to use any raw materials to build anything big just for tourism. We want to use the infrastructure that already exists.

We are members of the local tourism organization, which especially promotes wildlife tours, concentrating on predator photographing. By getting more and more visitors who prefer nature and animals being protected we are able to show that protected forests and bigger number of predators can also bring money to our area - not only forestry and hunting, which have been traditional ways to use nature here for decades.

The Impacts of this Trip

During this vacation we will use trails which were originally made for hikers, fishermen and hunters. Trails have now become important in nature tourism also, but are still mostly used by locals. Trails are on state land, many in protected areas, but some also in normal industrial forests, and maintained by state owned forest and park organization.

Since some years our state is willing to maintain less trails, which we locals of course do not accept. We try to do our share by bringing guests using the trails, which brings money to this remote area. We also support multiple use of the trails, welcoming hikers, runners and fat biking people using those as well. This way we hope some locals will get jobs maintaining the trails. The more users we get here, the more motivated our state is to maintain the trails, since tourism is more and more important source of income here.

We prefer very small groups, which does not need any new infrastructure and does not affect the landscape nor the local culture in our area.


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