Ethiopia Fasika tour, Ethiopian Easter

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Responsible tourism

Responsible tourism: Ethiopia Fasika tour, Ethiopian Easter


As a tour company our aim is to minimize the negative social impacts of the local community with creating a lot of solutions and on the other hand to boost the local community's economy we will participate we will hire people from the local community and to minimize environmental impacts we will give training to the staff that are representing our company on the environment and parks so in general we will generates greater economic benefits for local people and enhances the well-being of host communities.

Our aims are:

• To keep the suitability of our environments, wildlife’s , fauna , flora
• To inform our clients about the effects of using the environments improperly like hunting wild animals and cutting plants and trees
• To advice local peoples or community about deforestation and illegal hauntings
• To give a training about for the local community about how they get riding or wasting some wastage from waters and from the eco-systems
• To make all our staff working in our company aware of issues such as recycling office materials like papers , printers to reduce climate pollutions
• To give more awareness about our cars driver to make our cars serviced monthly to reduce the climate pollutions via cars the burned air coming from our cars
• To give scheduled training for the local community specially working in national parks like scouts and others about sustainability of the attractions


This tours services are given by our local guides in all places of the destinations and all our guides on this trip are locals who are well experienced and professional.

We purchase most of the items that are necessary for your trip from local markets and shops. Additionally you will have a chance of seeing and purchasing gifts and souvenirs, weavings products, and intricate creations and various kinds of handicrafts from the locals. The local community who benefit from the profits of your trip support their families and they teaching their children so recognizing those main issues we are working closely with the community.

We use lodges , resorts and tents for our clients accommodations because when our clients stay in those accommodations we meet the local peoples working and operating the sectors and in all departments the local community will be operating and you will have a chance of exchanging the local community experiences.

On this tour, our clients will see the festivals of the Easters and at the same times we will take them to different villages in Addis Ababa to visit to a local initiative which provides services in supporting and helping disabled people which is helped by with the donations of our clients.

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