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Bolivia encompasses two of the South America’s biggest draws: the Andes and the Amazon. The highlands are the brutal crown, capped with blinding salt,...
I am a grown man, and have travelled all over Africa. But the first time I saw a tiger in the wilds of India, I cried.

Responsible Travel

As the pioneers of responsible tourism, we've screened this (and every) vacation so that you can travel knowing it will help support the places and people that you visit, and the planet. Read how below.


This trip will take you through three well-known world heritage sites and one RAMSAR site. The first world heritage Samaipata is one of the most mysterious and intriguing places, where historical footprints from early pre-Columbian cultures from Andean and Amazonian origin mixed with the Inca presence and have been immortalized. The next two world heritage sites will be two cites: Sucre, one of the most beautiful cities in the Americas and Potosi, one of highest cities in the world and very historical. Our business is committed to support every single effort to help preserve these historical sites that show a spectacular set of Colonial and Republican buildings that illustrate part of the history of Bolivia and South America. Since the 70s, non-profit organizations, research institutions, and government organizations have invested funds to recover many historical buildings, also supported educations to support a sound tourism development, probably the most ambitious and advanced of its kind ever tried in Bolivia. Our guides and staff are fully aware of the importance of becoming part of the force behind the care and protection of monuments, living cultures, and they will guide your visit following rules in order to avoid any damage on the sacred monolith and related ancient building foundations. Entrance fees are kept to support permanent maintenance and scientific research of the monumental site.

The next part of the trip will take you to one of the most incredible nature wonders in the Americas and the planet, the surreal Uyuni Salt Flat, one of the truly human-empty nature spaces left in South America and the “thing” that make Bolivia unique to the world, where nature shows its grandeur. Our guides and drivers are committed to help preserve this place clean and safe for travelers. Uyuni is currently the most visited place of Bolivia and we are part of the new approach in order to avoid undesirable ecological impact and visual pollution, or solid waste. Careless 4WD driving, irresponsible behavior from some international tourist, and mediocre services are/could be a problem. ---We are not part of these, as our business is run under the idea of always being supporters and practitioners of respectful and sustainable tourism. The (very next) biggest threat for the Uyuni Salt Flat is the very destructive process of lithium extraction sponsored by foreign capitals from Asia and Europe and state enterprises which are not aware of environmental responsibility but only care about short or medium-term profit.

After the incredible experience in Uyuni, your visit will take place in Lake Titicaca, a RAMSAR Site, designation that follows the ecological importance of Lake Titicaca combined with the presence of living cultures that still preserve valuable ancient knowledge that gave origin to the cultural preservation of potato and quinoa. Our operations in this beautiful enormous Andean lake, the highest navigable one in the world is also organized to avoid environmental impacts. We request our boat drivers not to throw motor oil or other dangerous pollutants to the water and we hire individuals aware of the uniqueness of some rare habitats where resident and endemic species, nowhere else found than in Titicaca, still thrive there but unfortunately face one of the greatest risks of extinction.

In general, it is mandatory to avoid any use of plastic or other solids that could be a pollution factor for Lake Titicaca, which currently is being contaminated by large cities such as El Alto in Bolivia and Puno in Perú, where millions live and still do not have any medium or long-term urban plan to mitigate more pollution of Lake Titicaca. Tourism is a big economy in this region, therefore we are also committed to be part of the sound development to help preserve the fragile ecology of this RAMSAR Site and the living landscape of one of the most beautiful places on Earth.


This is not a mere marketing speech, as tour operators, taking international travelers to the best and most inspiring places in Bolivia, we help maintain permanent jobs for many Bolivians and their families in Santa Cruz, Samaipata, Sucre, Potosi, Uyuni and Lake Titicaca, who depend on tourism.

All these destinations are very charming cities and unique locations rich in cultural manifestations, historical monuments, and unique landscapes. Our business and our parties serve thousands of travelers who come to Bolivia in search of a great and inspirational experience and we are the force behind the 5th most important economic activity in Bolivia, still unappreciated by state and government policies. We invite local people to be part of the force.

Our work as tours operators, although still considered meaningless by politicians and short-sighted economists and developers, make possible to execute or practice in-site actions in recovery and conservation programs slowly and conservation strategies to help save the nature of Uyuni Salt Flat and Lake Titicaca for future generations. This a very valuable effort and we are very proud to be part of this approach.

We envision a better future, where more Bolivians from rural areas who still struggle to make a better living, including women and cultural minorities, in places where government is not yet present or maybe will never be, could fully benefit from sound tourism. We invite you to be part of this effort! We visit local communities in Lake Titicaca on this trip as well as well as other places and support local business when we can, helping locals to maintain a sustainable living from tourism.

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