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Responsible tourism

As the pioneers of responsible tourism, we screen every trip so you can travel knowing your vacation will help support conservation and local people.

We are a responsible company, interested and engaged in the changing world around us. We not only want to act responsibly, but to take responsibility for the activities we undertake and mitigate negative impacts wherever we can.

This stuff matters to us - It isn’t a case of lip service or ticking boxes, but what we think we should and can be doing to reduce our impact on the environment that we treasure so much. This adventure passes through a fabulous country, and we want to keep it that way.


Wherever possible, we will choose operators, guesthouses and suppliers who use renewable energy. In the cities in Uzbekistan this is almost impossible but wherever possible we can and do choose places to stay that use solar thermal water heating where it has been possible.

We will never encourage the use of firewood or other wild collection of unsustainable timber/brush for fires where this can have a negative impact on the local ecosystem. Our suppliers are made aware of this.

Our local suppliers are chosen carefully, after plenty of research, meetings and discussions to ensure that we are aligned in our thinking and have mutual trust in our approach and standards. When we say 'our thinking', we mean that they must share our desire to protect the environment that we are passing through. In Uzbekistan this means not only avoiding plastic waste being thrown into the local environment, but actually taking bin bags and ensuring that on each trip both they and our guests are encouraged to pick litter and remove it from the wild environment. Sadly recycling is not available in Uzbekistan, so it is far better to reduce waste in the first instance.

The suppliers we choose must either share our approach to protecting and enhancing the quality of the natural environment, or be willing to work with us to develop better practices.

All of our suppliers work with us to ensure that groups avoid negatively affecting the local environments through which they pass. Waste is removed and wildlife is respected. Water courses are not polluted by human waste.


We encourage frugal use of fresh water and discourage the spoiling of water sources by any means. We provide water filtration bottles to all customers as part of their package and encourage them to be used as alternatives to bottled water. Our use of filtration water bottles permits the reduction of our single-use plastic footprint. Where filtered water is necessary, we will purchase only in bulk containers and request that wherever it is available, our local partners supply filtered water in the same way. We do not accept the cliche that fresh water can only be supplied in tightly-sealed personal 1 litre bottles and loathe how wasteful this practice is.


When staying with local people, we try to ensure that local foods are cooked using local produce that is in season. Whilst this may be difficult in some places we visit due to geographical location and resource scarcity, it is the way our immersive travel methodology is defined – stay local, eat local, experience local.

We have chosen local people in several destinations on this trip - including at Ayaz Kala, Urgut and Bukhara - with whom you will eat. Not only does this ensure that the income derived from your visit goes directly to the locals, but it also helps foster connections and ensure that local food traditions are cherished and valued in order to help preserve them.

The Impacts of this Trip

All of our trips and tours are immersive – they are designed to be of net benefit to each community that we visit. In this way we not only always employ local guides, drivers and suppliers but often work with local providers to ensure that services provided are utilising local resources as far as is possible.

We always employ local guides to accompany groups visiting local communities. Wherever possible, we will work with people from a local community to ensure that maximum economic benefit is retained in that community, and that our guests derive the maximum understanding of each community visited. In this case, our local escort guides are supplemented in each of the main cities by a local guide with specialist knowledge.

We use local guides to ensure specialist skills and knowledge are retained in the local community and to be certain that tourism income is kept as circular as possible within the local economy. We stay as often as possible - or visit and meet - with local people to encourage cultural exchange, to give our guests the best possible cultural experience and to ensure that economic benefits are retained locally.

On this trip, you will be having lunch with local families in several places. We have researched our itinerary and will aim to visit local people that we know, in an effort to ensure that our income stays within and benefits not only the local environment but also the local people.

We will also be staying with small local hotels rather than international chain hotels wherever this is possible. Not only does this help retain income in the local economy but it also helps develop a sense of place that is often not possible from an identikit room that could be the same in New York, Delhi or Samarkand.

Wherever possible we try to engage with local environmental and cultural initiatives. As an example we intentionally visit local ceramicists, weavers and woodworkers whose crafts are part of an intergenerational story of manufacture that is specific to locality. In this way, your visit helps to sustain the local culture and indigenous skills.


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