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Chile activity vacation, tailor made

Carbon reduction

Your vacation will help support local people and conservation. We must also reduce CO2. Learn about the CO2 emissions of this vacation and how to reduce them.


We make a lot of effort to help the environment and make our trips sustainable. We pay special attention to how to avoid the use of single use plastic. In many of our trips, we provide water bladders and means to treat water, so our guests can drink the water from rivers rather than use large numbers of plastic water bottles. The water rivers in the mountains and in Patagonia, and in all remote places, is generally safe to drink as well as fresh and delicious. So this is an experience we recommend.

We also pay a lot of attention not to leave rubbish behind and, more importantly, clean places that we visit. When kayaking, we can get to very far remote corners, but even there, sometimes we find plastic rubbish. Even when kayaking we are picking plastics and fishing nets that can cause terrible damage to wildlife. So we are always collecting, carrying and disposing of these materials safely at the end of our trips.

We focus on this trip on providing ways of exploring which do not pollute the environment when run well - such as hiking trips and kayaking. We also organise camping when in rural areas which is a low impact form of accommodation if all waste is removed.


All the activities we run are provided by experts in their areas who are individuals developing small businesses, many times located in remote communities.

Our itineraries take visitors through small communities where we operate with local family hotels, organise meals prepared by villagers, contract services delivered by the local businesses. For example, some of the riding trips we organise are delivered by arrieros who are mountain herders that have been working in the Andes since their childhood with dogs, horses, cattle, sheep and goats. This way of life is obviously not so relevant anymore in the modern world, but the income they get from the work they do with visitors, helps maintain it as well as pass on the mountain skills to new generations which will keep these very Chilean traditions alive.

Further south in Patagonia, during one of our kayak trips, we organise both camping and meals in the houses of local communities. These are remote, small villages that are not connected by roads so bringing a little income is very welcome. Our visitors as well get to experience how real people live in these remote communities too.

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