Tall ship festival, Bilbao to San Sebastian

1150To1690 excluding flights
8 Days
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1150To1690 excluding flights
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Tall Ships sailing holidays
Masts as tall as turrets, hulls close to a century old, and thousands of square metres of sails: sailing on a tall ship is the nautical equivalent of ...
The Spanish must be laughing. For half a century, tourists have colonised the beaches, the bars, the islands and city centers, thinking this is “Spain...

Vacation information

You choose when to participate
The higher price is for Premium participants. If you don’t want to wake up in the middle of the night for a sailing watch, if you don’t feel like participating in the cleaning tasks or don’t want to climb up the mast, as a premium participant you can choose when you participate and when not.
More free time in port:
In most stops at harbours, we do public activities, open doors and deck events. As a premium participant, you won’t have to help in these and will have all the time to explore the city, coming back to the ship whenever you want.

Responsible Travel

As the pioneers of responsible tourism, we've screened this (and every) vacation so that you can travel knowing it will help support the places and people that you visit, and the planet. Read how below.


We use the sails for transportation as much as the wind allows it. A sailing ship is the most efficient and energy saving means of transport!

1. We know the code of conduct around whales and dolphins and will respect it. No food will be thrown into the sea for them.
2. No waste, except the food scraps officially allowed, will go into the sea!
3. Water is a precious good on a ship. When the tanks are empty, there is no more! Unless it rains. So we are very careful not to waste it!
4. Energy is only used for cooking! People on board learn how to save their batteries, and read a book.
5. Our ship is made of wood. Very durable wood. Rarely do we replace a part. A wooden ship sails for 100s of years! Plus, the ship is made of a lot of reclycled parts from old ships!
6. Again, we set SAIL :). Wind is our power!
7. As much as possible we shop packaging free on local markets, or buy big amounts in crates.


As a foundation that provides personal development training, we also stay aware of the places that we visit, as we know the importance of maintaining a local community. We think that the best way of doing this is by economically supporting them and we do this by carefully selecting local businesses, restaurants, produce and arts, rather than international chain companies, for everything we require. When needed we hire a local guide to ask for the best options.

We invite the young humans of each place to visit the ship and encourage them to join a personal development adventure and provide financial support to those who most need it. Often it is already miraculous to see the shine in the kids eyes when they are allowed to set one of the sails with their friends.

More and more we work with Erasmus + programs in different areas: with disadvantaged youth, maritime school cadets, non-formal education training, environmental activities, personal development trainer/coach training and we are always open to new projects and ideas with local communities, volunteering and courses for better leaders.

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