Classic Chile vacation, private departure

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Responsible tourism

Classic Chile vacation, private departure

Carbon reduction

Your vacation will help support local people and conservation. We must also reduce CO2. Learn about the CO2 emissions of this vacation and how to reduce them.


Waste is one of the biggest global issues currently, with plastics and other goods clogging our rivers and seas. We encourage our customers to use reusable water bottles during our vacations and provide advice on ways to manage this to avoid or reduce as much as possible the use of single-use plastics.

We strongly discourage littering of any type anywhere but particularly on our vacations when visiting fragile and/or historic locations and we ask our customers to bring their rubbish with them and dispose of it in a thoughtful way, for example by recycling.

Our suppliers are an extension of our own business and we work with carefully selected local partners who buy into our responsible way of working. We have contracts with our suppliers requiring them to act in accordance with all laws in their country of operation helping to protect the environment, for example by ensuring that guides are sufficiently licensed to operate tours in Torres del Paine National Park. This ensures the tours are of a suitable standard for our customers (e.g. the guides are knowledgeable about the landscape and wildlife of Torres del Paine) but also ensures the guides help protect the flora and fauna by advising our customers on things like suitable footwear, walking sticks, and where not to walk. We inform our customers to listen to our guides for this reason.

We have included internal flights in this trip. We recognise that flying is not sustainable, however due to the geography of Chile flights enable us to explore different locations on our vacations allowing us to visit more remote places and to be able to support as many local suppliers as possible.


As a specialist South America company we know that "local" provides the best overall experience, both in terms of quality of vacation for our customers, but also in terms of support for the local community.

We work with local guides throughout Chile who are passionate about their home country and experts in their subject so are knowledgeable to teach you about the history, culture, wildlife and landcsape of their region and advise you on ways to help protect this. By using local guides this also means we directly support the local people economically.

We also work with local business throughout Chile. Where additional meals are included we use local restaurants which not only ensures our customers experience a traditional meal but also ensures the local people are directly supported through this.

We encourage our customers to further support the local communities and provide advice on how to do this by advising our clients to buy local, to tip the guides, drivers and other staff who help provide the vacation, to avoid mass-produced imported souvenirs in favour for local products from local markets, and to avoid global food chains (which are present in Chile, particularly in the modern locations such as Santiago) in favour for locally owned restaurants showcasing local cuisine - we can even provide restaurant recommendations if needed.

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