Uzbekistan small group tour

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14 Mar 2020
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Responsible tourism

Uzbekistan small group tour

Carbon reduction

Your vacation will help support local people and conservation. We must also reduce CO2. Learn about the CO2 emissions of this vacation and how to reduce them.

Carbon emissions are often an unavoidable obstacle when it comes to international travel, particularly when visiting more remote and less developed lands. We do our best to be innovative and proactive when it comes to reducing our carbon footprint…

- By eating with local host families, we ensure that a large amount of the produce consumed has travelled almost zero food miles.

- By using local guides, we are cutting down on unnecessary international travel. After all – the locals know best!

A word on offsetting…

We aren’t offering tree planting as a panacea to ‘fix’ our emissions because put simply, it doesn’t work. However, we are still planting trees! Not in a some far away land but less than 10 miles from our office in Bristol, the trees planted are aiding a rewilding effort by our friends in trust for future generations.


The aim of this trip is to experience culture in an ancient but popular part of the world so we are committed to keeping our impact as low as possible in order to preserve the essence of the places we visit.

- As part of this itinerary (and all of our trips) we provide water filtration bottles to all our customers from the fabulous folk at Water To Go. We strongly encourage them to be used as alternatives to bottled water as often as possible in order to reduce our use of single use plastics.

- Eating locally sourced food is another way we can reduce our carbon food print; doing so reduces food miles and therefore unnecessary emissions.

- We have taken the decision to use high-speed rail in order to remove the need to take an internal flight.

- At our UK based office we source all of our energy from renewable sources, keep the paper usage as low as we can and have a strict recycling policy


This trip has a focus on engaging with local communities and learning from them. We encourage you to connect with local people and return home with a genuine understanding of the places you have visited and the people you have met.

- We use always work with local guides to ensure specialist skills and knowledge are retained in the local community and to be certain that tourism income is kept as circular as possible within the local economy. We stay as often as possible with local people to encourage cultural exchange, to give our guests the best possible cultural experience and to ensure that economic benefits are retained locally.

- As we are visiting during Novruz festival we will be sharing an incredibly significant cultural event for the local community. By breaking bread with them we will be establishing deep connections and engaging in genuine cultural exchange.

- This trip offers plentiful opportunity to invest in local communities, be it via shopping in markets, visiting tea houses or dining at family-run restaurants. All of these transactions benefit communities and help them to thrive.

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