Icebreaker cruise to the North Pole

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2021: 16 Jun, 27 Jun
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Expedition cruising

What is Expedition Cruising?
This is the name we give to cruising vacations which visit the Polar regions of Antarctica and the Arctic. Your small vessel will usually carry around 100 - 130 passengers, accompanied by a crew and Expedition Team consisting of experts in the local landscapes, wildlife and history of the islands you will be visiting. How does it work?
Your trip will consist of a combination of cruising and land based discovery. Days at sea will be spent admiring the view, photographing the sea birds and marine wildlife that you may encounter, cruising past stunning icebergs and attending the talks that your Expedition Team will be conducting.

Shore landings will be scheduled to take place weather permitting throughout your trip. Please be aware that due to adverse weather conditions all scheduled shore visits may not be possible, but traveling in the summer months increases our chances of favourable weather.

You will travel ashore in rigid inflatable boats (RIBS) known as zodiacs; a degree of physical mobility will be required for passengers to climb in and out.

What ship will I be traveling on?
Traveling with us to explore the Polar regions, you will be on one of two ships, more details about your particular vessel can be given by our travel consultants when you inquire about your particular date.

Can I book my flights with you?
Yes! We are a fully ATOL bonded tour operator meaning that we can book flights from the UK as part of your vacation package. Just ask us for a quote including flights when you make your inquiry.

Responsible tourism

As the pioneers of responsible tourism, we screen every trip so you can travel knowing your vacation will help support conservation and local people.

The North Pole is the world’s northernmost point, at precisely 90 degrees north and traveling to the very end of the earth is only possible with the ice-breaker 50 Years of Victory. We are dedicated to making the wonders that lie at the top of the word accessible in a conscientious and responsible manner that causes no harm to the wider environment. We work only with members of the Association of Arctic Expedition Cruise Operators (AECO), meaning these partners must adhere to strict guidelines designed to ensure the Polar Regions remain almost untouched for generations to come.
AECO’s environmental promise states: “Our company pledges its commitment to the further development of Arctic and Antarctic conservation and support of related scientific research.

We actively encourage participation in our expeditions by naturalists and scientists engaged in such research, offering a platform from which they can pursue their important work as well as a forum where they can voice their unique understanding of these fragile and remote ecosystems. Preservation of the Arctic and Antarctic habitats and the Polar Ice Cap are environmental imperatives and the responsibility of all, including tourism operators and their guests. We are honoured to be a part of this, and to help our passengers understand the importance of preserving Polar Regions for future generations.”
AECO is committed to ensuring all Arctic region operations align with the responsible travel obligations, our tours are no exception. Such initiatives include:

- Policies governing disposal of waste at sea
- Solely serving sustainable seafood
- Use of eco-friendly cabin toiletries and cleaning products
- Use of recycled paper in all onboard and pre-departure literature

Our expedition ship, 50 Years of Victory, is a world-class-ice breaker which features 2 nuclear reactors that significantly lowers the amount of fuel needed onboard. Reactors release zero greenhouse gasses, imperative to minimising environmental impact. The 50 Years of Victory is not a tourist ship, it is purpose-built to pilot scientific and cargo ships to hard-to-reach areas of the Arctic and Northeast Passage.
During our voyages, expedition leaders and a team of polar specialists guide passengers through all landing sites and provide an informative program of onboard lectures, video presentations and discussions. Passengers are informed on how to travel in an environmentally responsible way as our ultimate necessity is to leave the Arctic untouched.

All passengers receive free reusable water bottles to minimise single-use plastic and are briefed prior to landings to ensure awareness of how to behave around wildlife. We have strict guidelines in place to ensure the current wildlife is not disturbed or harmed.
The operator of this tour supports numerous wildlife charities, such as the Polar Bears International, dedicated to the worldwide conservation of polar bears.

The Impacts of this Trip

The North Pole expedition visits Franz Josef Land – the most northerly archipelago in Eurasia which lies entirely within the iconic Arctic Circle. As such a remote destination, the sole inhabitants are a variety of wildlife such as polar bears, walruses and seabirds among others.

During the journey, passengers’ only interaction with the local community occurs in Murmansk, where the voyage begins and ends. With first-hand experience of such remote areas and communities, only the most relevant information is provided within pre-departure documents. These documents contain suggestions of things to do in the local areas and local communities to visit, as well as community-run businesses, restaurants, bars, museums, and other establishments which offer an insight into the arctic areas that are visited.

We also promote an ethical and sustainable form of travel and tourism to this region and therefore generate a greater awareness of the environment and communities within the Arctic Circle.


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