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04 Nov 2019
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15 Mar 2020
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05 Apr 2020
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Responsible tourism

Hike and bike in China vacation

Carbon reduction

Your vacation will help support local people and conservation. We must also reduce CO2. Learn about the CO2 emissions of this vacation and how to reduce them.


The natural environments that you’ll travel through on this active trip in China are fragile; the cultures and traditions precious and often the communities we pass through are reliant on tourism. It is our responsibility as visitors to minimise the impact of our presence, protect what is precious and where we can leave a positive impact.

The Great Wall (and many other sites in China) suffers from overtourism, it experiences huge numbers of visitors each day. We have designed the itinerary to visit the Gubeikou-Jinshanling and Erchu-Jinshanling sections where you will see relatively few other tourists to spread the burden on the cultural heritage site and at the same time spread income from tourism.

Where possible we select accommodation that has considered management of the environment, as well as management of the water and waste, and energy. For example, we normally stay at the Jian Xia Guest House in Great Wall Jinshanling and Tea Horse Inn on Tiger Leaping Gorge Yunnan, both guesthouses heat their water with solar power.

Our company-wide Waste Management Policy encourages our travelers to take their own reusable water bottles and reusable stuff sacks to avoid single-use plastics. We follow this same philosophy in our office as well as on the tour: in our London office we have banned single use coffee cups and water bottles. We use recycled paper in our office and we are working towards reducing the amount of paper we use, as well as recycle all of our paper and plastic waste.

On this trip we supply a large 19 litre water container on the vehicle, so travelers can refill their reusable bottle. In the rare case that single-use bottles have been used during the tour, these are collected and recycled by our local team.

We were the proud recipients of the inaugural Australian National Travel Industry’s Environmental Achievement award for our Responsible Travel Guidebook. This detailed guide to responsible and sustainable travel is provided to all our clients before they travel.

We are aligned with “Leave No Trace”, an international organisation that has set the global standard for outdoor ethics. Through targeted education, research and outreach, its mission is to ensure the long-term health of our natural world while maintaining sustainable recreation in nature.


We select locally owned and operated properties wherever possible. In particular we have selected some small locally run guesthouses, most of these are run by farmers providing valuable extra income for the local community. These accommodations source their staff from the local area, helping to develop a positive economic impact from your visit by the employment generated.

We use Chinese guides throughout this trip. The guides are highly experienced, have strong local knowledge of the area and a love and understanding of their country that they are happy to share throughout the trip. This not only provides a richer experience but creates valuable employment helping to keep income within the community. Each year the guides are trained by our head office with a heavy focus on responsible tourism practices.

A local guide brings so much value to the tour, they can explain to you the local customs, the dos and don’ts to help you navigate China with cultural sensitivities.

We hike and cycle on this tour, and there will be plenty of time for us to browse through villages and mix as much as possible with the locals. On our bike ride through one of the Hutong areas of Beijing and during our exploration of the ancient town in Lijiang, there are lots of arts & crafts shops. Buying your local crafts and souvenirs here will give you the opportunity to support these communities. You have the opportunity to see a traditional Naxi Music performance in Lijiang, which helps support these unique traditions helps sustain it for the future.

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