Surfing and safari vacation in South Africa

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Surfing and safari vacation in South Africa

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With the 3 different locations we visit on the Sunshine Coast of South Africa's Eastern Cape Province, Firstly Sibuya Private Game Reserve helps to protect the local indigenous fauna & Flora by having converted previously livestock grazed and cultivated lands rehabilitated back to the natural order with all the benefits to the wildlife including antelope with their natural predators but also in particular the Rhino. Sibuya has a foundation and team dedicated to saving this species which is under attack and we contribute towards this important cause. All guests are issued with Sibuya water-bottles which are then kept by the guests and filled at any of the many water stations in and around the lodge, these water bottles will be used for the entire trip - limiting the use of single use plastics which comes with bottled water. Secondly on our houseboat on the Kowie River in Port Alfred, we only run by outboard engine and use the tides in the river to our advantage which limits to a large degree the emissions required for the transport during our time on the river. We also are very conscious of any waste on, in or near the river and will go out of our way to pick up rubbish especially plastic and dispose of accordingly. Nature Reserves such as Mansfield Reserve and Waters Meeting are supported and so the natural area protection receives vital income from the tourism that we create. Conservation concepts are applied throughout our fishing, birding and hiking activities including only keeping what we need, leaving only footprints and respectful bird and game watching. The Shaka Surf camp was built by Dave Macgregor using up-cycled materials and the camp has its own vegetable garden which feeds into the kitchen. Body power and surfboards are all that is used here after a short drive to the beach so the emissions here are limited mostly to the very healthy heavy breathing while duck diving out to the next set of waves!


The Eastern Cape Province in South Africa is a very under-utilized tourism destination in South Africa, but has the potential of having a lot more interest and so we are helping in getting that, bringing more tourism to the region and so assisting in bringing much needed revenue as well. Sibuya Private Game Reserve only employs locals, and we only buy local and fresh produce to cater for our guests on board our houseboat and produced on site at our surf camp. We attempt to let our guests stay with the locals from the wildlife in Sibuya Game Reserve to the fish and birds up the Kowie River and then the local surf tribe in Port Alfred. Guests will not feel as such, as we immerse them in South African Culture, from enjoying evenings around the fire and braai to surfing with dolphins. We are a family run operation and use all the local businesses when in need of any assistance. All maintenance of boats is kept for our local boat mechanics, all building materials and labor is sourced locally and vehicles are locally maintained too. We only get our fish from what we catch or the local fresh fish market in town and then only venison from our local wildlife ranches, supporting wildlife areas as well as healthy living, with no modified genetics or steroids involved in the production line as well an ethical consideration towards the animals where they have in effect lived and died free as opposed to intensively farmed and all the associated problems with these methods.

As with all our safaris - water bottles are provided to our guests on arrival and then filling points at convenient spots for limiting the single use plastic that is used and disposed of when supplying drinking water from bottled water. In so doing this is responsible towards the environment and the community that supports the environment.

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