Rio, The Amazon and Iguazu falls vacation

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14 Mar 2021
US $4810
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19 Sep 2021
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Responsible tourism

As the pioneers of responsible tourism, we screen every trip so you can travel knowing your vacation will help support conservation and local people.

Much of this tour takes place within Brazil’s impressive natural landscapes, notably, the Amazon Jungle. We rely on knowledgeable local guides to navigate these landscapes with as little disruption to the ecosystems found here as possible. Our guides do a fantastic job of having and promoting a minimal impact on the environment and nature, whether in rural and natural areas or urban environments.

One significant aspect of this trip that has been designed to be as eco-friendly as possible is transport. This trip primarily features journeys by shared vehicle, with much of the day-to-day explorations and tours of sites being done on foot. Though this trip does contain one internal flight, reaching the distant locations visited on this trip would be impossible without it. We strongly believe the benefits of our responsible tourism in these locations outweigh the negative environmental impact of the flight. Similarly, this trip features a number of overnight stays in a sustainably built and run lodge in the Amazon Jungle. For environmental reasons, we try to minimise our use of large, less eco-friendly hotels whenever possible.

This trip also supports Iguazu National Park with a visit to the park’s impressive falls. National parks such as Iguazu rely on the economic support of visitors in their continued running, staffing and upkeep, and ultimately, in their continued protection of natural spaces, flora and fauna, and incredible natural features such as Iguazu Falls.

Finally, to you, our travelers, we ask you to be vigilant about disposing of your waste and recycle where possible. During your trip you will be asked if you have any waste to dispose of when it is a suitable time in the itinerary. This ensures we make it as easy as possible for our travelers to be eco-friendly whilst traveling. We strongly advise all travelers to bring a reusable water bottle - this is an easy way to save plastic waste and is detailed in our ‘What to bring’ trip notes for all trips to all destinations. Your guide will remind you where and when you can fill up your re-usable water bottle. We also encourage general sustainability whenever possible – limited use of air-conditioning and electricity for instance. This is something we care about strongly as an organisation, and something we try to pass on to our travelers.

The Impacts of this Trip

As regular travelers, one thing that never ceases to amaze and inspire us is the kindness and generosity of local people. We firmly believe that they are who make these places special, and that they should benefit from our visit. Therefore, as first preference, we use local guides and visit locally-owned lodges, shops and eateries. We do our best to ensure that the benefits of our tours reach as widely as possible into the communities where they operate. Across this tour, we use local drivers, assistants, cooks and staff, who all ensure that supplies are purchased locally. Our belief is that all operational costs should go directly into the local economy wherever possible. Improving employment opportunities in remote regions is a powerful tool in tourism and something that goes right to the heart of our responsible travel ethos.

In addition to the many cultural and historical sites that are supported over the course of this trip, this itinerary also includes a number of fantastic opportunities for our travelers to support communities and the businesses in them more directly. Two examples of this are visit to the Adolpho Lisboa Municipal Market and the visit to a traditional cachaça distillery for a tasting. Both of these activities offer direct support to local businesses and businesspeople, and by extension, the economies and communities around them.

One example of community support in a more social sense is this tour’s support of the Morrinho Project in Rio de Janeiro. The project works to bring positive change in local favela communities and contribute to them through means of socio-cultural and economic development. We believe this is a fantastic project, and it is one which we are proud to support.

This trip also includes a visit to the indigenous Guaraní-Mbyá community. In small communities such as these, even a small amount of support for local people can be hugely impactful. Not only are visits with groups such as these fantastic cultural opportunities for both parties, but they have a positive impact on the communities visited through economic support, and with it, the opportunity for often much-needed development.

When visiting indigenous groups such as the Guaraní-Mbyá community, we are cautious not to cause any unpleasant situations. We trust our knowledgeable, local guides to ensure that no negative impact is caused through a lack of understanding or cultural differences. It is important to us that our tours have only a positive effect on the communities and people they touch upon.


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