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Responsible tourism

Responsible tourism: Ghana tours


Before any trip we give the code of conduct to travelers to know how to conduct themselves in order not to destroy the local culture, flora and fauna species. This is very necessary because we do believe that as they visit the beaches and our forest it is important for them to desist from any bad behavior that will cause harm to our Eco tourism products. 'Do not take any flora, take only photographs' and ‘Do not litter at the beach’. Helps to keep the environment clean as our guides are asked to explain and encourage this policy during the trip. We educate our clients especially those who visit national parks and other reserves on the need to protect the plants and animals for posterity.

We encourage travel by public bus by clients. In this way the carbon dioxide emitted into the atmosphere is reduced. In the various communities there are bicycles for hiring at a cheaper rate and we encourage clients staying in communities for long to use them or walk if the distance is short .


Throughout the trip travelers or tourists stay in hotels which are locally owned and community guesthouses. We have clean beaches and water for swimming. They will enjoy the daily life activities of the various communities that they will visit. This trip allows visitors to discover this intriguing culture in a sensitive and responsible manner within the forest and coastline of Ghana. Travelers or tourists are encouraged to immerse themselves in the culture of the local people through activities such as drumming, dancing, story telling , purchasing local souvenirs and many more. Money raise from these activities go a long way to support the development of the community.

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