Swim with dolphins in Egypt

“Immerse yourself the marine life of the Red Sea, with multiple trips to swim with dolphins and sea turtles, an overnight dolphin safari, and a tranquil beachside resort.”


Swim with sea turtles | Three day trips to swim with dolphins | Optional: overnight dolphin safari on a boat, snorkelling over a reef, excursions to local towns, markets or Luxor, scuba dive training, camel rides

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Departure information

The Eco-Village resort vacation is available year round and can be adjusted to suit any vacation dates. The Onboard Adventure dolphin safari runs in November.

Responsible tourism

Responsible tourism: Swim with dolphins in Egypt


Our local boat company, crew and guides have an environmentally responsible policy. They act to cause low impact on both the coral reef and the dolphins by educating the swimmers and divers. They have a special anchoring system which does not harm the reef and is a permanent fixture which a crew member has to swim underwater in order to secure the boat. They issue the guests with non plastic bottles which can be refilled and re-used after being cleaned.

The eco dive resort we work with conducted a similar study on another reef which has a lot of tourists. The dolphins were being negatively impacted, so after the study, a zoning protocol was implemented and the number of swimmers and boats in the area is controlled. We plan to provide important information about this other relatively undiscovered group of dolphins on another offshore reef so they can also be protected if tourism increases.

Also there are various conservation initiatives in the area such as at the resort we use; there is an ongoing study on sharks. Through education, "Shark School" and creating a protected marine reserve (HEPCA) the decreasing population of sharks seems to be making a recovery. We give our guests a lot of information with ideas of how they can contribute to the preservation of the reefs and the marine life.

We have also started a campaign called "Tourists Against Trash" (TAT). Every guest is given a bag in which to collect some of the huge amounts of waste plastic littering the desert. They are asked to be very visible and this actually has already encouraged the local Egyptians involved in tourism to clean up the litter which had previously been ignored. They are keen to please the tourists and if the tourists appear to want the plastic bottles removed, they will comply. The tourists are informed of how a flood from the sea into the desert could pollute the ocean dramatically as the build up of plastic is huge.

We work closely with the Red Sea Rangers to ensure the preservation of the dolphins and abide by Marine Park Regulations as well as the International Dolphin Watch Code of Conduct. We are Approved IDW Dolphin Swim Operators.


We work only with Egyptian owned eco-resorts, companies who employ local workers. The boat crews and guides tend to be from fishing families who know the sea and local reefs well. By coming here, you help to provide employment for local people who have would otherwise not have the opportunity to earn good wages in work that allows them to follow their traditional employment on the sea.

Together we are involved with a dolphin research study. This is to monitor the behaviour of the dolphins by collecting data from studying their behaviour. We have arranged for marine biology students to work on this study, hosted by our boat company using photo ID, and documenting patterns of behaviour, especially with regards to the "moods" of the dolphins in order to ascertain the best times to enter the water that will not disturb their rest time. The intention is to use this data to provide a protocol for a low impact effect from the tourists who visit this offshore reef. There is a long term plan to create a "Dolphin School".

1 Reviews of Swim with dolphins in Egypt

5 out of 5 stars

Reviewed on 29 Jan 2012 by

1. What was the most memorable or exciting part of your vacation?

Put simply, this is probably one of the best vacations I've ever been on and this is largely down to the exceptional customer care that this company offers both in the UK and in Egypt. The highlight of course was swimming with wild dolphins out in a protected reef in the middle of beautiful clear blue sea. Beyond that though the location, the food, the helpfulness of the staff, the accommodation and the attention to detail were all excellent.

2. What tips would you give other travelers booking this vacation?
As a lone woman traveler I'd had reservations beforehand about how safe I might feel. There was no need. From the moment I was picked up at the airport and throughout the whole week I did not once experience anything that made me feel uncomfortable. The staff are all incredibly helpful and the guests are of all ages and include lone travelers, couples, groups and families.

On a practical level, a few tips...

If you go in the cooler months, take warm clothes for on the boat/evenings/sleeping in. Expect to need to wear a wetsuit when you're in the water. If you're staying in the tents, take a torch. There are beautiful bright stars to see at night, but it's pretty dark out on the beach. Wi-fi is available at a charge but it can be a bit intermittent, so don't expect to be connected 24/7. There are some books there about Red Sea fish and dolphins/sea mammals - borrow them, or take one with you. It's so much better to know what you're looking at when you're snorkelling amongst such amazing varieties of fish.

3. Did you feel that your vacation benefited local people, and minimized impacts on the environment?

I was very impressed with the eco-credentials of this whole vacation. On-site you are given a bottle of water which you then refill all week from one of the numerous water coolers around ths site; towels/bedding is changed only if you want it and there's a clear system in place; bin liners are biodegradable; food is all locally sourced. Over 200 local people are also employed in one way or another; the whole development is very low density and its very presence mitigates against the risk of some hideous chain hotel springing up on this bay.

The dolphin trips are very well regulated. The reef where they can be found is in a protected area and numbers of boats, location and times of swimming are all restricted so that the least impact possible occurs. A ranger is present on the boats to ensure regulations are adhered to and hefty fines can be imposed if restrictions contravened. Additionally, monitoring is going on by a regional NGO and they come onto the boats to give briefings about the work they're doing and the habits of the dolphins. The charge of 15 euros to enter this protected area is used to invest further in the environmental protection work. Additionally, the local people working here, and in particular with this company, are passionate about protecting their environment and this shines through.

4. Finally, how would you rate your vacation overall?

It was excellent. I can't fault it. I very very rarely go back to somewhere I've been on vacation. I am definitely going to return and next time I plan to take my children and try out the overnight trip at sea that is offered.

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