Learn spanish and walking vacation in the spanish Pyrenees

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24 May 2021
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Responsible tourism

As the pioneers of responsible tourism, we screen every trip so you can travel knowing your vacation will help support conservation and local people.

In this particular vacation, as in all of our vacations, we always try to encourage and transmit the respect and sustainability required in a natural environment like the one we live in. We are located in the heart of the Huesca Pyrenees (Aragón), beside the Western Valleys Natural Park and near the French Pyrenees National Park. In this area inhabit the few endogenous bears of the Pyrenees, the bearded vulture, the Pyrenean triton and desman, and other vulnerable species of fauna and plants. It requires to increase the precaution when we walk through these valleys. So we try to make contact with the rangers, making a responsible use of the Natural Park and National Park resources. Because in this specific vacation we will visit singular forests, our guide will increase the precaution measures to avoid to damage them while guiding our visitors through incredible paths and lanscapes.

We are a member of a conservationist association called AEMS (Ríos con vida), which tries to preserve the quality of the rivers and lakes in the Pyrenees. We also belong to a net of accommodations linked to the birdwatching activity in the Jacetania región (Birding Pirineos) with an excellent certifícate.

We also recycle all what we can: plastic, glass, organic rubbish. Also the most of our plants in the garden are local specimens to avoid the proliferation of exogenous ones in the area. We never use plastic water bottles neither in the meals in our bed and breakfast (we always use tap water) nor in our walks, in which we will use refillable bottles to carry the water.

Our guests house was originally a hut that was built in the nineteenth century, it was restored respecting the traditional materials (stone facade, wood structure, some stone tiles) to preserve the aesthetic of the surrounding buildings. We have put two solar panels on the roof to heat the water using the sun energy which is usually generous here.

The valley where we live is far from the overcrowded areas of the Pyrenees. It is an unkown retreat that we try to preserve. That is why all of our vacations are small group hoildays.

The Impacts of this Trip

We always work with local guides from the area where we live. Our main guide lives in a neighbour town, which makes a better knowledge of the environment that surround us possible. He will also show you the local neighbour architecture like traditional houses.

As in these vacations we will reach high altitudes where we can find specific flowers and fauna we will try to work with specialist in these areas,like ornitologist, geologist and biologist.

We try to get our visitors close to the local culture, visiting local projects (wine bodegas, local farmers, restaurants, artisans, etc), and museums that show the history and the peculiarities of the Pyrenean culture.

Because there are still farmers in our valley, we always teach our visitors how to behave when we encounter the cattle in our hikes or walks, trying to disturb them as little as possible.

We are also a member of a local tourist association linked to the Wester Valleys Natural Park that tries to preserve our incredible valleys and stimulate the local economy in the area (farmers, tourist businesses), encouraging the cooperation with small local projects.


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