Accessible tour of Delhi, India

My mother is a wheelchair user, and my father is blind, which is why I am intent on making sure this accessible tour of Delhi, India, is suitable for every traveler regardless of their needs. I want everyone to have the peace of mind that they will be comfortable and cared-for throughout.
800To1500 excluding flights
5 Days
Tailor made
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Since we customize the trip as per the accessibility needs and interests of the traveler, the cost of travel varies. Full time assistance and equipment rental would come at a supplement cost
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Description of Accessible tour of Delhi, India

Price information

800To1500 excluding flights
Since we customize the trip as per the accessibility needs and interests of the traveler, the cost of travel varies. Full time assistance and equipment rental would come at a supplement cost
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This trip can be tailor made throughout the year to suit your requirements

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Accessible overview:
This tour can be adapted to meet any traveler’s specific accessibility requirements. Before travel we thoroughly discuss your needs and interests to ensure you can travel with safety, comfort and ease. If you are planning to travel solo we can also arrange one-on-one assistance if you would prefer.

My father is blind and my mother is a wheelchair user so I am completely aware that everyone has different accessibility needs when they travel, and that not all of them are visible. It is our aim to ensure that our vacations are accessible to all.
Limited mobility:
For travelers with limited mobility we can provide assistance wherever necessary to ensure you can enjoy this tour in comfort. The itinerary can be shaped according to your requirements, and we’ll make sure that everywhere we visit, everywhere we stay, and everywhere we eat is suitable for people with limited mobility.
The itinerary can be adapted to ensure that every activity, accommodation and restaurant is fully wheelchair accessible. We can also arrange transportation throughout that is adapted for wheelchair users to travel in ease and comfort. Assistance can also be provided, on a part- or full-time basis, dependent on your requirements.
Blind or limited vision:
If you’re blind or have a visual impairment we can adapt this tour to suit you. And, if you’re traveling solo, we can also arrange for a part- or full-time travel companion if you would like some assistance.

Our trips are sensory in nature. For example, we have 3D printed models of monuments to help blind or visually impaired travelers to explore the heritage they are visiting. On occasion we are also able to arrange special access permissions to provide a more tactile and sensory travel experience. Our trips are a lot more than just audio guides!
Deaf/limited hearing:
We are happy to accommodate deaf and / or mute travelers, as well as people with limited hearing. If preferable we can arrange for you to be accompanied by a sign language interpreter.
Cognitive conditions:
We are able to adapt our tours for travelers with cognitive conditions, though in some cases we might request that a family member join for your comfort.
'Free from' food:
Special diets are absolutely no problem with us. We are able to customise meals to meet the requirements of each traveler from vegetarians and vegans to those with specific dietary needs.
We are pleased to welcome LGBTQ+ travelers and couples on this tour, which is designed to be safe, welcoming and completely free from prejudice.

Responsible Travel

As the pioneers of responsible tourism, we've screened this (and every) vacation so that you can travel knowing it will help support the places and people that you visit, and the planet. Read how below.


No plastic: Where ever it's possible we use refillable bottles for water consumption. We make sure the water is filtered except that it comes in Big Refillable Cans. Thus minimizing the usage of single usage plastic. While shopping also we provide cloth / reusable bags to our travelers so that they don't have to use single-use plastic bags.

No litter: Whenever we are out in nature, we make sure that all our waste is collected and processed through appropriate channels and disposed of in an environment-friendly manner.

No animal rides: We do not promote or sell animal rides like elephant rides, camel or horse rides. We instead take our travelers to an elephant rescue center or a bear rescue center to spread awareness about the cruelty that exists against animals and their wonderful rescue stories.

Sustainable Properties: We prefer properties that have implemented zero waste policy as much as possible. Where rainwater harvesting and recycling are a way of life.

Least carbon footprint: We also use vehicles or media of transport(of course we make sure that its accessible for each disability) which has the least carbon footprint.


We always make sure to benefit the local communities through our travels. Whether it's offering unique experiences to the travelers by taking them to local artisans and witness the art forms being made and getting the artisans paid for showcasing their work. This helps the artisans not to abandon their native villages/towns and art forms and stay and practice the same. Or else these art forms would be lost somewhere in history.
This conservation of art forms plays a big role in our responsible tourism practices because every state in India has a different culture, tradition and innumerable art forms and languages which would go obsolete if we don’t preserve it now.

We prefer to use homestays or traditional old houses or bungalows (of course we have to keep accessibility of the place in mind) which imbibe the local culture of the destination and often are family-run. This helps in heritage and cultural conservation at the bottom line.

Working with local communities: At all our travel destinations we work with local people for the very reason that they know their habitat the best and we do not want them to move to bigger cities in search of employment. We employ for our tourism projects and train them as per global service standards so that they have a source of income at their native place itself. And India being such a diverse country and every state have a totally different language and culture and tradition, it makes perfect sense to work with the people who are natives as they would be able to provide the most authentic experiences.

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